Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? To satisfy cravings is one of the most difficult things that we face. The reason being that we usually crave things that are not good for us and unhealthy. We usually crave junk food and sugary items because our bodies are reacting and behaving in different ways. For each person, the kind of craving could be different and challenging. One could only wish for the cravings to be healthy ones but that never happens!

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Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? Beans are an epitome of carbohydrates and when you feel that you are craving beans way too much, know that your body wants carbohydrates. This happens usually in two cases, either you have been carbohydrates deprived for too long or you are used to eating too much of those. Carbohydrates are a source of energy but also the reason of fat gain. Eating large number of carbohydrates every single day can cause you to become obese and you automatically start to crave things like fries, burgers, pizzas and desserts of course.

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Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? This is not a very healthy sign however these days you get to see it almost every day. If you look around, you will see that each and every single person is dependent on such foods. These things are also called the comfort food and the reason why this is so because it provides us with comfort and peace whenever we feel down. Carbohydrates tend to boost your mind and give it a triggering effect. Slow minds tend to work really fast after carbohydrate consumption and the fast ones tend to start working even faster after consuming carbohydrates.

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Craving Beans Badly:

Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? People usually on diets and intermittent fasting are subjected to be deprived of sugars and carbohydrates because both of these are responsible for weight gain. Such people do not have enough stored carbohydrates to be converted into sugars and this is why you start craving for beans because beans are very high on carbohydrates. Did you know that a single cup of beans has a total of 8 gram of carbohydrates? It is actually enough to satisfy your craving and to give you the energy burst that you need. Our brains send signals to our body in order to crave for carbohydrates and so, as soon as you consume some amount of comfort food, your body is all set.

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Lack of Protein:

Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? Another reason why you are cravings beans so bad is because you are highly lacking on proteins. Did you know that the entire lentil and bean family is flooded with proteins? Actually beans and lentils have more protein than meat even. So when you’re craving something like this despite being full on carbohydrates, understand that you are low on protein. Lentils and beans taste amazing and when they fill in for the missing carbohydrates from our bodies, everything just makes sense! There are probably three kinds of amazing and delicious beans which are all high on carbohydrates and protein. The red beans are perhaps the most famous and also the most delicious. You will spot them almost everywhere all year around for breakfast, soup and dinners. These are the perfect fix for a low protein diet.

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Low in Calories:

Another reason why you are craving beans is because these are high on carbs but low on calories. Beans may not be a part of the ketogenic diet but for all the other diets, beans are a must. The thing about beans is that these are super delicious and not fattening. Despite having carbohydrates in them, these cause you no fat gain at all. Many athletes and celebrities who are on diet prefer to have beans in their diets because they make up for almost everything. Just imagine that there are so many things that you can make using beans and these are all very scrumptious. From salads to soups to steaks and sausage and beans you can literally eat these with everything. If you’re a person who likes variety better, then beans is just what you need.

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Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal change is leads to so many kinds of different bodily changes and diet changes. You may want to eat one thing at a time but then you might not want to eat it the next second. Hormonal changes in our bodies make us crave for different kinds of things. When women are on their period, they tend to crave sugar and carbohydrates both. This happens because their bodies are going through hormonal changes which is very normal.


Food craving is one of the most common thing in pregnancy. Women tend to gain different kinds of things and desserts during their nine months and that is completely alright. Craving for various stuff during pregnancy is also directly related to hormonal changes. Women tend to crave beans a lot during this time and we get it why! You know the thing about beans is that they make up for both sugar and protein. So if you’re on a diet and you’re craving something sweet, we suggest you have a cup of beans and you will see that your sugar cravings have been suppressed.

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Low Sugar Levels: ( Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad? )

Craving for beans is a sign of low sugar levels as well. Since beans have carbohydrates which break down into sugars, beans are responsible for providing your body with the important sugars. If you feel dizzy with a low bp. Your body demands carbohydrates and sugars. Beans prove to be a quick and good snack as well. If in case you cannot find anything to eat, you can always grab a can of beans and devour it. We assure you that your hunger will be suppressed completely! And all those missing carbohydrates and protein levels will be fixed. For all those on diet and those who are health conscious, beans happen to be the perfect snack. The best part is that these are not even expensive!

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