Are broiler Eggs good for your Health or not? Broiler eggs are amongst the most popular sources of proteins and they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Some people say that eggs have much cholesterol hence makes the body to be unhealthy. Some also say that eggs are one of the healthiest food to the human body since eggs help the body in the production of Vitamin D and serotonin.

Critics of broiler eggs argue that have a lot of cholesterol which is untrue since their cholesterol level is not high. The egg yolk has some cholesterol but cannot affect the cholesterol levels of your blood if you take it moderately. Broiler eggs are very rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D. Broiler eggs also has vitamins A, B and E, fatty acids (omega-3), iron and zinc.

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Broiler eggs nutritional value

Are broiler Eggs good for your Health or not? Broiler eggs are very rich in protein and they contain nine essential amino acids and they promote tissue repair and growth of body muscles. They also can help you to gain weight without increasing your calorie intake or food consumption. Broiler eggs rich in lecithin also. Lecithin is an essential nutrient that supports heart health and brain function.

USDA Nutrient Databases indicates an average of 6.7 of protein in an egg depending on its variety. This is the number that should be considered during the comparison with other types of protein sources. For those who have specific nutritional needs, the protein content of an egg is essential to consider however it is not a sole factor. 

Are broiler Eggs good for your Health or not? Broiler eggs from free range chicken may have a higher protein content as compared to that of caged chicken and also have slight difference in the nutrient compositions. This therefore indicates that the content of proteins in all eggs are not likely to be the same.

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Are broiler eggs free-range or organic eggs?

Organic eggs come from hens that have been fed on an all-vegetarian diet and can coop within a minimum of 120 square feet per bird and can freely roam in a barn. Free-range eggs on the other hand comes from hens with the access to open spaces through a screened porch. Broiler eggs are used to build profits in the food industry.

Should the broiler eggs be cooked before consumption?

The fact that broiler eggs being cooked may be less likely to cause food poisoning and can even make them taste better. They also contain a component that is very beneficial which is called avidin that prevents Vitamin B7 from being absorbed to your body thus preventing biotin (Vitamin B7) deficiency which can lead to hair loss and thickening of the skin. Avidin is deactivated by cooking. You can also deactivate by yourself through soaking the egg in lemon juice for 15 minutes before taking it.

According to CDC, 10,000 eggs have 1 salmonella present and can multiply to unsafe levels when being stored. This is why there is a recommendation to eat cooked eggs to at least 60 degrees of internal temperature. Eggs have many ways of preparation but is commonly boiled. The taste of the egg is affected when boiled because the water intakes all the flavors during the process. To get different tastes, you ca boil the eggs in pepper or salt or even soy sauce.

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Eggs as a source of cholesterol and protein source

Eggs are very rich in proteins, a good source of minerals and vitamins, and also contain very little cholesterol and fat. An egg has nine essential amino acids and that is why it is seen as a “complete” protein. Many people think that one egg a day can give you enough protein for the day but is not true. This is because you can get enough protein for your body by consumption of three eggs in a day.

Eating eggs has many health benefits since a research found out that people who eat eggs more often have a lower risk of heart disease compared to those who do not eat eggs at all. In another study, it was found out that eating two eggs a day would increase your energy levels.

Will eggs give you high cholesterols?

There is no such thing as high cholesterol since your body produces cholesterol to lubricate your joints and also produces vitamin D, among others. Cholesterol is a type of fat found in the in the blood that helps the body in food digestion, absorption of vitamins, building of cell membranes and making hormones. A healthy person has about 200-300mg of cholesterol in their blood. An egg yolk has cholesterol but not that much. It is a bit easy to reduce your dietary cholesterol intake without giving up of eggs.

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Are broiler Eggs good for your Health or not? Eggs have been used as a staple breakfast for many generations and the latest research shows that regular egg consumption in moderation does not put you at risk of a heart attack or stroke or does not increase body cholesterol.

Source of fatty acids in your diet

Fatty acids are essential for body function. Our body cannot produce all the fatty acids that we need hence that is why we need to consume them through supplements or food that we eat. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are two primary forms of fatty acids. Omega-3 is found in eggs, walnuts, fish oil, chia seeds, and flaxseeds. Omega seeds is found in other seeds, vegetable oils, meat and nuts.

Fats are essential energy source for the body and also act as an insulation to protect vital organs like liver, heart and the brain.

Eggs are a source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important to humans since it performs a vital role in promoting bone health and in preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin D also helps the body in the absorption of calcium which has an impact on cardiovascular health and also decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also been proven to increase your mood, reaction time and the cognitive development among the children.

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Therefore it is very important to remember that broiler eggs are a source of proteins and other nutrients required by the body. This makes eggs good for your health. For your diet to be nutritionally complete, you should seek consultation from your doctor before making any changes.


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