How to Stop Your Period with Lemon? Having your period is a natural phenomenon and to stop it is not a very easy process. Now that science has progressed so much, medicines and devices have been innovated to stop it or delay it. There could be many reasons as to why a woman would want to stop her period but the concept of stopping it with lemon is devoid and ridiculed because your period can not be stopped with lemon.

There are many old wives’ tales and myths that would make you believe in all sorts of things and ways that would help you stop your period but in today’s time, all those are not only ridiculed but considered to be unbelievable. It’s a natural cycle that is subjected to occur in a female’s body. It happens because of the hormonal changes and is in fact good for females.

Women are saved from many diseases as long as they are on their period. Of course many suffer from dangerous diseases even then but having your period minimises the possibility. This time of the month is painful and agonizing and extremely excruciating for many women but it is all for their own good. For some it lasts for 3 to 4 days and for some it goes on for 7 days. These are all very normal and the cycle varies from woman to woman.

How to Stop Your Period with Lemon?

How to Stop Your Period with Lemon? This theory is a hoax and completely wrong. The only way to actually stop your period is by taking hormones and pills. You are very much likely to skip your period while you’re on the birth control pill. If you’re a normal female, you can not simply stop your period using lemon.

Yes, you can stop it by using some hormones, patch and birth control pills or whatever your gynaecologist recommends. In grave situations women lose their ovaries and uterus to some kind of operation due to wither fibroids or cancer. In that case, the period is stopped forever. No ovaries and uterus means no period of course. You are likely to get your period till you’re 50. Some can witness it before as well and some can even have it after 50.

Other than the ways mentioned above, you can not stop your period with or by any other means. It is suggested to all women to not stop their period and to go with the flow until under serious circumstances. Having your period will keep you healthy. As soon as your period stops, you will start to notice different kinds of odds and problems in your body. This is why many females tend to take hormones after the age of 45 to prolong their period because your period is actually a blessing in disguise for you. It is painful, but it is worth it. If you love your life, let your period flow.



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