Can you bring pepper spray on a plane? This has now become one of the most asked questions as pepper spray is used to keep one safe specially women. As you know that several incidents have been reported and are reported every single day in terms of assault and rapes, women as well as men need something to keep them safe and protected. And even though a pepper spray is not a full time protection rather a very temporary one, it still can save you from a massive mishap.

It depends as to how you use it and when you say it. If used the right way, it could prove to be really beneficial for you. However, if used the wrong way, you might be responsible for the consequences. A pepper spray is basically a spray made out of black pepper that when sprayed into eyes can cause blurriness for the time being followed by pain and itching. There was a time when we used to it’s use only in movies but now we can actually witness it being used in real life too. In fact, many of you might have used it already.

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

Rules of flights and planes vary from one to another. Some planes allow you to bring pepper spray on plane while some don’t. Since the crime rate has increased a bit too much, many flights do not forbid the use of pepper spray and allow you to keep in your carry on but with proper precautions because you do not want it to cause trouble for the other flight members. Some flights allow you to bring pepper spray in the plane but you are not allowed to keep it in your carry on rather somewhere else that is away from the flight members.

Some flights do not allow pepper spray to be brought on the plane at all because one wrong use or maybe a carelessness can cause serious havoc to others. There are old people and children travelling on the plane as well, if by any mistake the spray tends to leak or gets in the hands of a kid you can be seriously charges for it. It is only black pepper but can result in serious consequences if not kept in a proper container. If you are really concerned about your security and you want to carry a black pepper spray anyway, you can always talk to the authorities and ask them as to what can be done.

Or you can always select a flight for yourself that does not forbid you to bring pepper spray on the plane. Since it is very important to be kept nowadays, there are many flights do not forbid this to be brought on the plane. With the right precautions and measures you can always keep it with you after inquiring the flight management. If they do not forbid, you can take it with you.

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