When you travel to different tourist destinations, you want to have an enjoyable time. Spending time in a place calls for interaction with locals. But what if the locals are hostile? Such a situation can be a major problem. If the destination is openly hostile to tourists, then traveling can be challenging.

We have some useful information to help you navigate such hostile destinations. Knowing about such destinations in advance can help you plan your journey properly to avoid unpleasant situations.

Why are some places hostile to tourists?

Generally, locals at tourist destinations welcome tourists. After all, tourists make the city famous and bring in money. But there are many situations where locals may become hostile to tourists. Here are some reasons for this:

  • Some places are so popular that they are overrun by tourists. In fact, tourists may outnumber locals. Such a situation will automatically lead to strife.
  • Tourists are noisy and disturb people in quiet locales.
  • Some tourists are rude and locals are upset with their behavior.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But some tourists don’t follow this. They do not follow local customs and etiquette, which angers people (eg: wearing footwear inside temples or religious places).
  • Dressing inappropriately in conservative places will make locals upset.
  • Tourists harming the environment is another reason that causes conflicts.
  • Excessive drinking and disorderly behavior, and using drugs are issues causing hostility among locals.

Some hostile destinations to know about

1) Venice

Venice in Italy is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations. But the situation is such that the number of locals is coming down, while the number of tourists has quadrupled. Residential homes and flats are being turned into places for tourists to stay. Recently, locals even held a funeral for the city. While tourism has helped the city, they are now experiencing the negative effects of tourism.

2) Barcelona

Barcelona in Spain is one of the places where there are more tourists than locals. The growth of tourist apartments has worried locals. There have even been graffiti asking tourists to go back. The situation has ensured tourist caps have been introduced with limits on the number of tourists entering the city. Drunk and unruly behavior by tourists on the beach is another reason for the hostility.

3) Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been a popular tourist destination for many years. The excessive visits by tourists have now made locals feel they have had enough. The city is no longer marketing its tourist facilities. Their focus is now not on numbers, but on getting quality visitors who can appreciate local culture.

4) Bhutan

The land-locked country of Bhutan is one of the first to introduce a tourist tax. Their focus is on increasing the value offered by tourists while bringing down the volume. The sustainable development fee charged varies from $65 to $200 per day. The fee is charged to cover expenses for the development of the country.

5) Arlington

The Texas town of Arlington is known for being openly hostile to tourists. A study showed that the residents of the city were most hostile towards tourists. The behavior of tourists who visit the town has led to this situation.

6) Cinque Terre

The Italian coastal town of Cinque Terre has become so hostile to tourists that they are now driving tourists away. The excessive influx of tourists has led to a cap being fixed. Only 1.5 million tourists per year are now allowed inside the town.

How to navigate hostile destinations?

Here are some tips to help you navigate hostile destinations:

  • The first thing is to know about the place you are visiting. Proper research will help you know if the destination is hostile. Research will also help you know the kind of hostility you may experience. It will help you decide whether to travel to that destination or not.
  • Knowing about a place will help you prepare to travel. Understanding local customs and etiquette will ensure you don’t offend locals.
  • Be a responsible tourist. Do not do anything that harms the environment. Ensure you don’t throw trash around, especially plastic. Be eco-friendly at the destination you visit.
  • Treat locals with respect. Avoid saying or doing things that offend them.
  • Dress in the right way just like the locals. It helps you avoid unpleasant situations.
  • Drinking and behaving in a disorderly way in public is a sure way to offend locals. While some places don’t mind such behavior, there are others where people don’t like it. So, behave in accordance with local norms.

Follow these tips to be a respectful tourist and enjoy your vacation mindfully.

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