Colombia is a quite complete country. It is unique in its biodiversity: in its vast nature you can find rivers, seas, lakes, and lagoons. Thanks to all these, there are several activities for all kinds of tourists in this territory, such as:

  1. Kitesurfing in La Guajira

On the northern coast of Colombia is the Alta Guajira, a wonderful mix between the desert landscape and the imposing Caribbean Sea. It is an ideal place for the practice of Kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is a sliding sport in which you are on top of a board while holding on to a kite that serves for traction. It is a mix between surfing and water skiing, and it is practiced mainly in Cabo de la Vela, which is located three hours away from Uribia.

  1. Paddleboarding in Cartagena

The city of Cartagena is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the country. One of the most requested activities there, due to its crystal-clear waters, is the famous paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding is a sport in which people glide over calm waters by using a paddle while standing on a board. It is a serene and fun activity. Usually, it is done on Tierra Bomba Island. The sea there is very calm, with almost no waves, which makes it a perfect place to practice this sport.

  1. Kayaking in Río Negro, Tobia

Río Negro is one of the seven rivers of great flow and intense rapids where kayaking is practiced both recreationally and competitively. Kayaking is a sport that consists of navigating while sitting down in a small boat.

It can be practiced in bodies of water such as lakes, rapids, waterfalls, and the open sea.

  1. Rafting on the Cravo Sur River

This activity is for those who like adventure and intense emotions: the trip through the Cravo riverbed in Yopal is done on an inflatable raft, with the water current driving the path and moving the waters.

Rafting is a very exciting sport that requires concentration and connection with the river; it is divided into categories for experts and beginners, varying according to the currents and the size of it. Safety equipment is always used.

  1. More water activities in Colombia

In the middle of the beautiful scenery of the Chicamocha Canyon are the Chicamocha River and the Fonce River, in San Gil. Two rivers with adrenaline-filled flows where you can practice rafting and kayaking as well.

San Gil is considered the Colombian capital of extreme sports, with a wide variety of activities, including not only water sports but also aerial sports such as skydiving and canopy!

You can also go hiking and find places along the way where you can jump into lakes and dive. At the top of the trail, you can find beautiful waterfalls from where you can  descend with ropes.

If you want to do these and other activities, it is crucial that you fill out the Colombia Check-MIG before entering this country. All passengers must complete the Check-MIG form before entering and leaving Colombia.

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