Does starbucks have boba? Starbucks is part of the routine of millions of Americans each morning. However not all starbucks fans are coffee drinkers. One drink that is becoming increasingly popular in America is bubble or Boba tea.

Does starbucks have boba. Although they may add it in the menu, currently, you are not going to find this option at your local store. However some of the people have found ways to order drinks that taste similar to boba tea. Get code for bottled and jarred packaged goods news.

Boba is a milk tea drink that is also called bubble tea. It can also be called tapioca milk tea or pearl milk tea. Boba tea originated in Taiwan close to 40 years ago. It is a milk tea drink yet it has tapioca balls sometimes called pearls that are in the tea.

Sometimes a Boba can be made with other toppings as part of the tea drink as well. However tapioca pearls are the most common way that Boba is served. There are two popular choices of Boba that are most popular which are the black pearl tea and the green pearl milk tea although you can get Boba in various choices.

The type of milk used in Boba can vary but it was originally made with condensed milk. When the tea first came out, it was a combination of Taiwanese black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk, and it was topped off with syrup to add sweetness.

The recipe has changed slightly through the years to make it a more appealing sale for tea drinkers who are looking for something a bit different. Mostly, Boba is served cold, and honey is used to replace the syrup. Tapioca pearls are a part of this drink. The proper way is to serve a Boba with a very thick straw. This straw allows the toppings settled on the bottom of the cup to pass through to the coffee drinker. You can have your boba in a cup with a lid so that it can be shaken and mixed then have it through the straw.

Does Starbucks have Boba Tea?

Does starbucks have boba tea

Starbucks does not sell boba tea due to the cost versus the profit. The cost to roll out Boba tea would be large not just because of the pricing of the ingredients of the tea but also because of the cost of making the tea. The process of making and serving it to the customers can be quite difficult. Boba tea takes time to make and needs proper training on how to make proper Boba.

Starbucks has to be careful about how it expands its menu and consider whether they are making a good decision. If it is started out in a few locations, it has to make it for all of them which is going to be expensive.

There are some alternatives that starbucks offers instead of Boba tea. Many people will get their morning drink from Starbucks and doctor it up a bit themselves to get the perfect taste which is an option you can try to make your own boba tea at home.

To make a perfect Boba tea at home using Starbucks and its ingredients you have to follow certain steps. The first step is to order a tea from Starbucks as the base, that is, an iced black tea. The size of the tea can be customized on how much you are paying for the drink or you feel like drinking.

The second process is to customize the drink using the instructions on the ordering application, if not talk to the barista when placing the order. People often try this process on the app rather than the store since messages are communicated more clearly and the finished product is a better match to what you are looking for. When customizing the drink no water is required I the beverage. When making Boba one requires the half milk and half cream product that tend to have a creamy texture that makes the Boba more authentic. You will want to change the liquid cane sugar to a toffee nut syrup which is a different way to add flavor to the drink.

In the third step, tapioca pearl additions is required which one has to look for or get them at the local store or online resources. You the need to prepare the tapioca pearls to be used in the tea. Each brand of tapioca pearls has different instructions to follow. Mostly, tapioca pearls are boiled for a few minutes and they will be ready to put right into your drink.

Boba Tea

Boba Tea

The third process requires you to mix and serve. This is after having the tapioca pearls ready then you can start by adding it to the tea ordered from Starbucks and this makes your Boba tea. You can make your own Boba tea at home and skipping the Starbucks line and costs and is much faster.

We can now see that Starbucks does not sell Boba and they have a good reason for it due to the complicated nature of making this type of tea and the infrastructure that is required to put this into place makes it to be a bit too difficult. Therefore, learn to make Boba tea on your own or enjoy Boba tea offerings from the local shops. As it is with most of the drinks in Starbucks, you can make some great versions of drinks at home if you take time to learn on how it is done.



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