Cheese Quesadilla is our all time favorite. When it gets added into Cheese Quesadilla , it becomes even more juicy and absolutely delicious. This recipe is all about cheese Quesadillas and how you can make the best Quesadillas at home.

Quesadillas are like pizzas which have stuffing in it. Our recipe will focus only on cheese and how you can make the perfect stuffing for your Cheese Quesadilla.

Here is what you need and need to do to make the best cheese Quesadillas.


  • All purpose flour
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Black pepper
  • Red crushed chilli peppers

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Making cheese Quesadilla is the very easy and convenient. With our recipe you’ll see that in no time you will be able to make the best Cheese Quesadilla of your life

You need to take 4 cups of all purpose flour and sift is completely into a large bowl. Keep in mind that you have to make dough so all the ingredients should be according to that. Add in your cup of oil and knead thoroughly. Once your dough is ready, make small balls and than make roti out of it. It should be circular and flat like a pizza dough.

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Mozzarella Chees

Stuff all of it with mozzarella cheese and some red chilli peppers. You can add black pepper too if you want. After you’re done with filling, cover it with another round flat roti of the same size.

Carefully transfer it into a non stick pan and wait for 2 minutes. Change sides accordingly until it is done.

You can start by first placing the empty roti in pan and than stuffing the Quesadilla with cheese. Both options are feasible. You can do whichever suits you.

You have to let it heat for at least 5 minutes or until the sides have been cooked and the cheese has been completely melted. You can dab it with a spatula to give it a flatter effect. Your cheese Quesadilla is ready. It was this simple. You can make as many as you want to. You have to keep an estimate of the dough and the amount of oil you use.

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You can serve this with your yummy homemade sauce or some peri sauce or even the chilli sauce. We bet it will tastes better than pizza even!

You can serve this amazing dish with some wedges and even some vegetables. You can serve this with absolutely anything you want to!

Final Words:

We hope you all liked this recipe. We make sure that we provide recipes that are one of a kind and which taste absolutely amazing. We also make sure that our recipes are time efficient and that save your time and effort. For more amazing recipes stay tuned to this page, because we have only the best and delicious recipes for you!


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