How to make Chilli Powder Substitute? Working in the kitchen is definitely fun for some people and for some, not. We try to make your kitchen experience fun and amazing with different ways and techniques. We bet that if you follow our instructions, not only will you get the best and amazing recipes but quick kitchen hacks as well. With this entertainment is definitely guaranteed. You know, many a times you run out of ingredients while working in the kitchen. Sometimes you have the time to rush to the market and get that ingredient and sometimes you do not.

In this modern world, life has changed up to an extent. If you turn back in the previously passed years you will find that there’s a huge difference. Thousands of inventions have made this difference. These inventions were made for the man to take advantage of it. Refrigerators are one of these inventions. We have been using this technology since the day we were born. So we don’t bother but if you give it a short glance you would know that it makes your day easier. How you can forget that all the frozen foods that you love to eat are just because of this refrigerator.

Our breakfast is absolutely incomplete without a good jam and some fresh bread. What if we tell you that we have the perfect raspberry jam recipe for you that you can now make at home and enjoy!

Raspberry is the most amazing and juicy fruit that we can think of. Imagine how tasty would a homemade Raspberry jam would be. The best part about homemade jam is that you can make it in bulk and that can last for months even.

Many don’t know what clotted cream recipe is. Let us tell you what clotted cream recipe really is. Clotted cream is made by heating full heavy cream milk. This is called clotted cream recipe. Clotted cream is used in sauces and usually on the top of biscuits and biscones. Clotted Cream Recipe is very easy to make, the best part about it is that it absolutely delish. Like other heavy cream it tastes far more better and saucy. You can use this clotted cream for anything and in anything.

Chorizos are the best and tastiest form of sausages. Those who don’t know what a chorizo is, should definitely read about it and follow our recipe. You don’t have to spend money on sausages anymore! You can now make Chorizos at home yourself!

A Chorizo is made up of pork and with the perfect spices and technique your chorizos could definitely taste divine. Chorizos can be served with some cream cheese, eggs, rice and all kinds of sauces! A chorizo could be your all time favourite breakfast if you ask us!

It’s really hard to find a good carrot and what’s even more hard is to refuse to eat one. You just can not say no to a carrot cake ! So how about we tell you how to make the best carrot cake at home with minimal ingredients? Not only can you make carrot cake, but you can also make carrot cookies and of course the ultimate gluten free carrot cake as well. Not everyone can have gluten and that is okay, for those who can’t, our gluten free carrot cake recipe is all you need to enjoy this season with your family and friends!

Lentils are extremely healthy for us as they are full of protein and other nutrients that help our body in various ways. A lentil soup is the most comforting kind of food that one can easily drink because it is absolutely very easy and convenient to make. You can definitely add loads of vegetables and items of your choice to give it the taste you want! It will only keep getting better! Today’s recipe is all about lentils soup, lentil soup with garlic bread, vegan lentil soup and lentil soup with hams and fried chicken!

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip brownies We mean, chocolate chip brownie is our comfort food. With tea or coffee, a good gooey chocolate chip brownie can never disappoint you. This is exactly why we are here! To present you with amazing dark chocolate and white chocolate brownie recipe. Who is asking you to go over to a cafe to spend on your favourite brownies, You can now make the double of that now at home easily!