Our breakfast is absolutely incomplete without a good jam and some fresh bread. What if we tell you that we have the perfect raspberry jam recipe for you that you can now make at home and enjoy!

Raspberry is the most amazing and juicy fruit that we can think of. Imagine how tasty would a homemade Raspberry jam would be. The best part about homemade jam is that you can make it in bulk and that can last for months even.

The best part about a good homemade raspberry jam is that its very easy and absolutely fresh. If you have raspberries at home you can prepare the jam in instants and you wouldn’t even have to go out.

You can make jam using fruit, today’s recipe is about homemade Raspberry jam. We bet this jam will make your breakfast even more tempting and heavenly delicious.

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How to make the best homemade Raspberry jam

Not having enough ingredients always frustrates us and demotivate ls us from cooking or baking. So we try to provide you with recipes that require minimal ingredients but also taste amazing. Our raspberry jam recipe is one of those. If you have raspberries at home and some lemons, trust us you’re all set to go.


  • Raspberry 1 kg
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Lemon juice 1 cup


Did you see the ingredients list? Only 3 ingredients till you make the best raspberry jam of your life.

Keep some cleaned jars with yourself that you can later store your jam in later.

First thing that you need to do is place your raspberries into the juicer or blender and get their juice.

In a large deep pan add in your juice, sugar and lemon juice. Cook it for 20 minutes and keep stirring.

Keep checking after intervals. After 10 minutes check the consistency of the jam. If its still liquid cook it a little longer. The only thing you have to watch out for is the consistency of the jam. Keep cooking until you receive the desired jam like consistency.

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The perfect heat and cooking is the key to this amazing Raspberry jam. After you think the jam has been cooked enough, leave it and place it a side. After an hour or so you will be able to enjoy the jam and store it in the jars. Your jam can look like anything so don’t worry. You will obtain a beautiful colour and aroma that you will definitely fall in love with.

This is how easy it was to make your own homemade Raspberry jam. The taste is divine and absolutely heavenly. No jam in the world can compete with then one you make yourself at home.

We hope you like this recipe and would definitely try at home. Stay tuned to this site for more easy and conventional recipes. If you want some amazing recipes that are not only delish but time friendly too, this site is the only thing you need in life.


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