Chorizos are the best and tastiest form of sausages. Those who don’t know what a chorizo is, should definitely read about it and follow our recipe. You don’t have to spend money on sausages anymore! You can now make Chorizos at home yourself!

A Chorizo is made up of pork and with the perfect spices and technique your chorizos could definitely taste divine. Chorizos can be served with some cream cheese, eggs, rice and all kinds of sauces! A chorizo could be your all time favourite breakfast if you ask us!

There are so many things that you can serve with a chorizo and enjoy. The best part is that it is diet friendly and is allowed in almost all kinds of diet. You can make just the perfect chorizo at home and enjoy.

How to cook the perfect Chorizo

Making a chorizo could be a bit technical but with our recipe you will be able to make just the right one.

You have two options here, you can either get uncooked Chorizos from the market and cook them yourself at home or you can get minced pork and do the same with that as well.

People usually prefer to get the uncooked chorizo and than later fry it. You can do that as well since its more convenient.

You can use chorizos in burgers as we as tacos. Chorizo tacos are so in these days that it’s crazy! Chorizo taco is probably a great substitute for a hot dog!

Get uncooked Chorizos from the market. Marinate them with sauces and some yogurt. Add in spices too.


You can grill them or bake them both is fine. For more taste you can simply fry them in butter and enjoy the divine taste it possesses.

You can serve the chorizo with eggs, Avocado salad, simple salad or maybe just salad leaves. It will taste absolutely anything you serve it with.

You can make chorizo tacos too. For taco recipe you can check the recipe at our site.

Soy Chorizos are extremely delicious as well.

The thing with chorizos is that they are extremely tasty and can be eaten with almost everything. They are probably the best form of pork.

You can get minced pork and form sausage shaped chorizos at home as well. And although it takes. A lot of time and effort, but every bite is worth it!


For that you have to add spices, eggs, onions, vinegar and some all purpose flour into your minced pork. Leave it for some time and add in some baking powder. A pinch would do. This will help your chorizo to rise like a sausage. Grill your sausages like chorizos or just bake them in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until done. Later just give them a fry and you’re done!

We hope you liked this technique and you will definitely try these at home. For more amazing recipes keep visiting this site for free recipes! Our recipes are definitely the only exceptional ones.


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