It is impossible to not drink these days. Drinking is probably a necessity than it is an activity for some people. And although, drinking has its disadvantages and that too quite severe, but many of us are dwelled into it already and it is very hard to quit.

Many people are so addict that they don’t even know how many drinks they have had and in lieu of that, they tend to do some messed up things which are not only damaging for them but for everyone around them.

Moral of the story is, counting your drinks is very important. Moving ahead we will discuss as to why it is so important.

Drink counter apps allow you to count your drinks. Drink agenda is the drink counting app that we are talking about. Extremely amazing and easy to use app, that has saved many drinkers from drinking too much.

Why is it important to count your drinks

Everything consumed in excess can be damaging and fatal. Drinks are not holy water that you keep on drinking without having any side effects. Excess drinking can have severe side effects later on in life. Anyhow, while it is certain that one can’t help but to drink, at least the least that we could do is to count our drinks.

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It keeps telling as to how many drinks you have had. How much will be too much and how many will keep you sane. Remember that you do not want to risk your health that much, having too much to drink could result in many serious consequences. If you manage to count your drinks, you might be able to quit one day as well. You will realize how much you drink and how much you shouldn’t. A drink counter app is the perfect app that you can now get in your phones to count your number of drinks. For all those drinkers out there who lose track if their drinks can now get this drink counter app called drink agenda to keep a track of the number of drinks.

Drink Agenda

Drink agenda is a drink counter app that has been able to help many drinkers all of the world. It very smoothly calculates the number of drinks and keeps a record for you. All you have to do is download it in your phones and turn it on whenever you’re going to a bar or casino for drinking. No matter where you are or what drink you’re having, this app will conveniently keep a record of all your drinks. The best part is that it not only helps you count drinks but also tells you how you can cut down on alcohol. This is an amazing multi purpose app that works is several ways and targets several things. For example alcohol, weight loss, fitness and many other important things. The app is absolutely free and does not require you to fill lengthy forms and you do not have to go through lengthy registration procedures. All you have to do is download the app and sign up. Once your account is ready you are all set to go.

Features of Drink agenda

  • Tracks in seconds
  • Set goals
  • Easy reporting
  • Know your reasons
  • Tactics

These are a set or few features that drink agenda holds for you. But in these few features there is a lot that you can conquer. With just this one app you can develop a very healthy life and keep a record of all the things and activities you do. From notes to reminders this app does everything. So if you’re among those who are struggling with drinking problems and unhealthy lifestyles. This is your chance of changing your life for good in the most easy and convenient ways.


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