How to make Chilli Powder Substitute? Working in the kitchen is definitely fun for some people and for some, not. We try to make your kitchen experience fun and amazing with different ways and techniques. We bet that if you follow our instructions, not only will you get the best and amazing recipes but quick kitchen hacks as well. With this entertainment is definitely guaranteed. You know, many a times you run out of ingredients while working in the kitchen. Sometimes you have the time to rush to the market and get that ingredient and sometimes you do not.

So what do you do in this case? Well you try to use the right substitute. You cannot just let your dish get ruined and let your hard work go down the drain just because you did not have the ingredient. We tend to solve all your problems by enlightening you with the best convenient hacks that you can use to save your dish.

Chilli powder is that ingredient, without which no dish is complete. You just can not begin to imagine, the taste of the dish without the chilli powder. Chilli powder is that golden ingredient, that saves your dish from everything. One pinch of this chilli powder and your food will taste like heaven!

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But what will you do if you run out of it and you do not have the time to go and get it from the market? Or what if you have guests showing up at your door and you’re seriously losing it? How on earth will you make your dish without the chilli powder?

Well, do not worry because we are here to save you. It is absolutely alright if you do not have chilli powder at home. You can use our hack to save your dish. In fact, we guarantee you that it will taste far better than the chilli powder.

Chilli Powder Substitute

If you do not have the chilli powder at home and you also want that food to be spicy. Make a paste out of green chillies, chaat masala and garam masala. This is the perfect blend and substitute for the chilli powder. If you do not have any one of these, it is okay. Make a green chilli paste and use it instead. It will give your dish the perfect taste.

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You can also you Kashmiri red chilli powder. This powder is more red and tastier. It is less spicy than the chilli powder so you might have to double the quantity while using it. These are the things you can do to sage your dish. These ingredients and hacks are just perfect to help you save your dish if in case you run out of chilli powder. This way you would not be stressed out and your dish will be saved as well.

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