Lodging places such as hotels is one of the most important things while on vacation, especially if you want to visit many destinations for a few days. If a standard-design hotel is too tedious, you can try one of the unique hotel Jakarta in the following list. These are rows of unique hotels in Jakarta.

  1. Kosenda Hotel

This 4-star hotel’s location is in the Tanah Abang area with a typical medieval mixed modern architectural style. The hotel room colours are dominated by black, yellow, and orange which have a distinctive pattern. It is also equipped with wooden furniture and some decorations made of recycled materials.

  • Kuretakeso Hotel, Kemang

If you want to stay in a Japanese-style room, Kuretakeso Hotel in Kemang can be an option. Some of the rooms use futons to give a stronger Japanese nuance.

Footwear storage, bathtubs, sinks, paintings, and other things completely are Japanese-themed too.

  • Rumanami Residences

The hotel building immediately stands out even from a distance because of the classic red brick concept throughout the walls with the architectural style of American and European houses.

This hotel was a hit in early 2020 and managed to attract many tourists. However, for the rooms, the minimalist design is more pronounced with white colour on the walls and blends beautifully with the wooden furniture.

  • Sakura Terrace

A typical Japanese Micro Apartment is a concept carried by Sakura Terrace, located in the Setiabudi area. Apart from providing rooms per night, this place also has a monthly rent option for those who need a place to stay for a quite long time.

  • Nostoi Hotel

Still, with a Japanese theme, it is Nostoi Hotel which has a minimalist but functional design. This place is located in Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta.

The hotel room area uses unfinished walls combined with wooden furniture. Each room at this hotel has a private balcony and a smart TV with Netflix service for those who would like to watch.

  • Des Indes Menteng

A building with a vintage concept of Dutch heritage is the theme of the Des Indes Hotel, which is located in Menteng, Jakarta. It is one of the oldest hotels in the capital with luxurious and large rooms that make tourists feel at home.

  • Monopoli Hotel

You will feel the luxurious Modern European style as soon as you enter Monopoli Hotel in South Jakarta, precisely in Mampang Prapatan sub-district.

This hotel looks classy from the outside and the interior of the rooms are comfortable with a minimalist concept. Uniquely, the swimming pool is on the rooftop. There is also a bar and restaurant serving a variety of Indonesian and Western dishes.

Various places in Jakarta Indonesia, always have their own charm, including the unique hotels on the list above. Each of these hotels has a different concept, and all of them are interesting to be a place to stay.

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