Do you know that the food you eat affects your sexual desires? Or have you ever wondered why you feel so aroused after a meal, and all you want to do is, have your partner come around? That’s because it’s possible to eat some particular set of food and get horny, extremely horny. These types of food are regarded as an aphrodisiac food. There are such that increase your sexual desire upon eating them. A very common example of this type of food is bananas. It is said that bananas can increase your sexual urge. Hence, if you have low sexual desires or low libido, you could correct it with your feeding pattern.

Since what you eat influences your body and your sexual desires, you might want to pay extra attention to your food. Most people, however, believe that hypersexual consume quite a number of aphrodisiac foods such that their bodies have been used to them, hence, hypersexuality. Are there classes of food that really increase your sexual desire? Is this true or just a myth? What are those essential facts to understand about aphrodisiacs?

It should, however, be noted that scientifically, no food has been proven to stimulate sexual organs. But some foods could help you want to have sex, suggest sex into your mind, and help stimulate your sexual desires. So, if there are any foods you and your partner find sensual, there’s nothing wrong with stacking up your store with them.

Facts about consuming Aphrodisiac food

As mentioned earlier, while others believe that some food could help improve your sexual desires, some others do not. So, here are some of the truths behind consuming such food

It’s effective:

Indeed, some foods could help increase your sexual desires. These food items are such that upon consumption, there could help you improve your sexual urge to intensify them such that it pushes you to think about sex. Although these food items do not stimulate the sex organs, they only increase your libido, helping you to have sex even more regularly.

They are affordable:

You might be thinking these food items having such capacity would be so expensive. No, they are not, there are pretty affordable such that some of them are part of the food we consume regularly. We don’t just know it’s an aphrodisiac. An example is banana. You might have been eating bananas almost every day, or have bananas as your best fruit. If you pay rapt attention to the consumption, you’d understand how banana helps to keep you more sexually active.

They are readily available:

If there’s any reason why you should consume these foods, it’s because they are readily available. It’s impossible not to see bananas, chocolates, strawberries, etc., in your local mall if you go for grocery collection. So, their availability and affordability are some of the true natures of the aphrodisiacs

Myths about consuming aphrodisiacs 

As there are facts, so are the myths. Some extremes need to be addressed when it comes to consuming aphrodisiacs so that you don’t consume them and expect these extremes to become a reality. They indeed help build your sexual desires to the maximum; however, here are some of the myths about them.

It increases the size of your sexual organs:

This is one of the extremes of consuming such food items. There’s no scientific proof of aphrodisiacs increasing your sexual organs or making them bigger. Some persons, however, believe that the more you consume bananas, the more your penis grows bigger and larger, and this is not true. Consuming bananas doesn’t make your penis larger; it could only help intensify your sexual desires. Maybe you’ve attended a live sex cam session, and you witnessed the cam model take banana before performing an act; it’s not for the organs to increase. It just helps put you in the mood.

They make you last longer in bed:

Again, aphrodisiacs do not make you last longer in bed. It only helps you intensify your sexual desires and want you to have more sex than often. So, if you believe consuming five extra strawberries would help you last an extra 5 hours in bed, you are wrong. What it does is only increase your urge for sex. However, having an unquenchable urge for sex could also men last longer; there are no scientific backings to this effect.

Food consumption is one of the most important aspects of every man’s life. Since what you eat directly impacts how you think, behave, and relate with people, you should pay extra attention to your eating pattern.


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