When it involves meals and drink, few can pinnacle Italy’s stellar reputation. Ask all of us to call their preferred dishes and you may assure such things as pizza, pasta and gelato quickly come tripping off the tongue. Italian Food (Italienisches Essen)  even as those iconic dishes are cherished around the world for excellent motive, Italy boasts lots extra crowd-pleasers. So whether or not you’re staying within side the sun-soaked south or the mountainous north, get your flavor buds ready: they’re approximately to head wild.


Kicking matters off with the large daddy of Italian cuisine, overlook whatever you as soon as concept approximately pizza: right here in Italy, pizza making is a shape of art. Think ultra-crisp stone-baked dough, tomatoes bursting with the nation-state from which they have been grown, creamy mozzarella and easy toppings scattered with clean basil leaves. Try the conventional margherita for a masterclass in easy pleasures, or spice it up a touch via way of means of diving into toppings like salty prosciutto and punchy white anchovies.

if you’re visiting to our Airone Beachclub withinside the southern location of Calabria, make sure to attempt Calabria’s conventional solution to pizza: pitta rustica. It’s a country flatbread folded round a mouth-watering blend of neighborhood cheeses, tomatoes and cured meats – we did alert you that your flavor buds have been approximately to head crazy.


In Italy, the word ‘pasta’ doesn’t even start to sum up the sheer extent of exceptional dishes on offer. From easy spaghetti carbonara in Rome to clean seafood pasta in Sicily, anyplace you are, try and pattern the locals’ favourites – there’s a motive they’re famous.

Try one of the rarest pasta dishes round via way of means of heading to the picturesque island of Sardinia, domestic to our Baia dei Mori Beachclub and malloreddus alla campidanese – a completely unique gnocchi-like pasta served in a wealthy tomato, sausage and saffron sauce. It melts withinside the mouth and could go away you trying extra and extra.


Next up in carb corner, we’ve got risotto – a comforting rice dish cooked lovingly over a low warmth with onions, wine and stock, earlier than being completed with a beneficiant grating of parmesan. In its handiest shape, that’s all there may be to it, however whilst paired with different ingredients – together with inexperienced greens and clean seafood – you may see why it’s withinside the carb corridor of fame.

Moving with the risotto theme, a favorite snack among locals is arancini – small deep-fried risotto balls filled with mozzarella or meaty ragu. Arancini makes the best pick-me-up after an lively morning or possibly one too many glasses of Italian wine the night time earlier .

 Polenta and cured meats

Holiday within side the north of Italy and you’ll locate dishes tackle a warm, comforting sense to in shape its cooler climate. Polenta is one such dish. Polenta includes cheery yellow cornmeal, cooked with beneficiant quantities of butter and parmesan – it’s a hearty meal able to warming the chilliest of toes. Look out for this Italian solution to mashed potato within side the snowy inns of Arabba and Val di Fassa.

You’re likely acquainted with the deeply tantalising flavours of salami – Italy’s maximum well-known cured meat – however it’s nicely really well worth tucking into a number of the lesser-recognised varieties. Nduja, for example, is a spreadable highly spiced red meat sausage produced in Calabria, the arch of Italy’s boot. Served as a part of your pre-dinner antipasti along plump olives and local cheese, it’s the right manner to begin an evening.


Italy’s southern Ionian coast is famend for exceptional seafood, and while you set eyes on its deep, clean waters and exquisite shoreline, you’ll see why.

Enjoy a live at our Airone Beachclub and you’ll be in top role for indulging within side the famous neighborhood swordfish dish, pesce spade concapperi alla calabrese – Calabrian swordfish cooked with capers, parsley and lemon to the relaxation of us. It’s a refreshing, wholesome dish that’s best for balancing the subsequent object on our tour.

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