There are several types of culinary traditions found around the world and the growth of international travel, immigration, and globalization has resulted in many delicious foods traveling around the world. One of the most popular foods is Indian food, and it is found in all corners of the world. Indian food is a broad term that represents many local food traditions as each region of India has its own long and vibrant history concerning food. Some broader traditions include south Indian food, Punjabi dishes, Bengali dishes, Goan dishes, Rajasthani dishes, Gujarati dishes, and Maharashtra dishes. Some traditions focus on rice, others on seafood, and some desserts. No matter the origin, all are unique and delightful to eat.

This results in Indian restaurants focusing on different cooking traditions with many offering truly unique options. You can eat at several Indian resultants and have a unique experience each time. As a diverse type of food here are four restaurants from around the world specializing in Indian cuisine.

1947 Gandhi

1947 Gandhi is located in Oslo, Norway, and seeks to provide all its guests with food that has classic Indian flavors with a modern twist. Their blending of flavors creates food that is hard to forget and truly one-of-a-kind. The menu offers many well-known dishes and includes tasty appetizers; tandoori, kebabs, lamb curry, tikka masala, keema matar, palak paneer, naan, and more. You can visit website here to see more about their food and what they offer.

Three Indians

Located at Södermalm in Stockholm Three Indians is a family-owned residence that has been providing residents and tourists alike with good food for over 25 years. Their menu is diverse offering food from different parts of India with both classic and modern interpretations for you to enjoy. They offer a full menu and a lighter lunch menu. Some of their food offerings include tikka butter masala, tandoori chicken, naan, curries, palak paneer, salads, various Thail dishes, a vegetarian selection, and much more.


Koyla is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They focus on providing the best in customer service and a diverse selection of dining options from all across India with a modern take on cooking and presentation. Tier menu includes curry dishes, tandoori dishes with several types of meat and vegetarian options, many vegetarian dishes, samosa, soups, salads, tikka masala with chicken or shrimp, lamb dishes, goat dishes, bread options, and much more.

India’s Tandoori Hollywood

India’s Tandoori Hollywood as its name suggests, it is located in Hollywood, California. Their food is all made fresh to order and made with the richest flavors. They offer many Indian favorites, such as different types of samosa, pakora, tikka, balti, tandoori, kebabs, a wide selection of naan, soups, various À la carte options, a full vegetarian selection, and other traditional Indian dishes to choose from. They also offer a full wine menu for when you want a drink to go alongside your meal.

Final Thoughts

When you want to try something different, Indian food has a lot to offer, no matter your taste or preferences. One of the things that makes Indian food unique is how diverse it is. You can enjoy chicken dishes, lamb, goat, seafood, and full vegetarian options. This makes Indian food a good choice as it can fit an assortment of various dietary needs. It also offers a lot of variety in dishes, such as light appetizers, large plates, hearty rice dishes, a nearly limitless selection of baked dishes, stews, and enjoyable desserts are all there for you to choose from. If you’ve never enjoyed Indian food, you owe it to yourself to plan a night out either by yourself, with friends, or with family.

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