Garlic is one of the most healthiest vegetables that exists in our world. A single chive of garlic contains multiple health benefits that are not only helpful medicinally but also gives so much flavour to our food. Garlic may taste very awful when consumed raw, but take our word that once the minced and chopped garlic is added to our food, our food becomes even more rich and full of flavour.

We may not notice it but every single food item that we eat probably contains a lot of garlic in it. It can either be minced garlic, chopped or absolutely anything.

A single clove of garlic may contain around 10 to 12 chives of garlic even more or even less. It looks like a bulb sometimes.

Garlic chives and mince garlic is used in herbs and other medicines as well. It is researched that garlic possesses many medicinal properties. It can cure infections like any antibiotic does.

Apart from this every desi food as well as Chines is incomplete without garlic. There are so many other cuisines as well that use garlic for various dishes only because the kind of taste garlic gives to food can not be compensated by any other vegetable.

Garlic chives when minced give an amazing aroma to food. The taste is amazing and very rich. If you want to make your dish taste delish all you need to do is to try adding some minced or chopped garlic to it.

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Foods That You Can Make With Minced Garlic

There are a variety of dishes that you can make with minced garlic. Trust us that all of them are amazing and absolutely delish.

We all live for garlic bread! Guess what? Garlic bread can not be made without minced garlic. You need mince garlic and some butter to make the perfect garlic bread.

Chicken curry is the boss of desi cuisine! Without mince garlic or even garlic chives for that matter, you can not make chicken curry.

Garlic mayo is our go to sauce whenever we head out to eat something! Be it fast food or continental, garlic mayo complete ls everything. Garlic mayo too is made from mince garlic.

You see that a single clove of garlic can do so much.

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Garlic Chives And Its Medicinal Uses

Garlic cloves are used to make herbal medicines. These herbal medicines are used to treat infections and many other problems. Scientists say that garlic can cure many diseases as well. With out garlic many medicines can not even be created. Garlic cloves have innumerable benefits and we can’t even name all of them!

How can You Mince Garlic Chives

You can mince garlic chives either in a chopper or even with hand via a hand chopper. You need to do this because minced garlic is used in almost all the foods that we eat. We hope this article of garlic was helpful for you. Stay tuned to this page for more information and amazing recipes.


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