The beginning of a new year is a great time to make changes and curb bad habits that don’t benefit your health or life. You might be planning to ring in 2023 to lose weight, get more active, or quit a bad habit. Many of these resolutions may sound familiar because you might have made them a year ago. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are easier to break than make.

Statistics revealed that 23 percent of Americans wanted to start 2022 by living healthier, which was the most popular New Year’s resolution. Many people may enter the new year with the same goal but no plan to follow through. So, how can you break this annual cycle that involves planning to live and eat healthier and putting things off “until next Monday?” Consider the following tips to make a resolution to eat healthier and keep it too.

Take One Step at a Time

Trying to achieve all your Eat Healthier, such as eating less outside, cooking more often, or cutting down on sweets, can be overwhelming. Making a drastic change to your eating habits can discourage you and lead to failure.

The best way to tackle your resolutions is by taking things one step at a time. You can start by reducing your calorie intake within the first month if needed and gradually making other changes. Taking these steps slowly and allowing your body and lifestyle to get used to your food habits can help you stay on track and boost motivation. Once you’re used to a change, move on to your next goal.

Don’t Go on a Crash Diet

A common mistake many people make is going on a crash diet to achieve their health goals, which is a wrong approach that can cost you in the future. Crash dieting can help you shed a few pounds quickly but can also slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain, which wastes your hard work and demoralize you.

When you go on a crash diet, you’re gambling with your health and putting yourself at risk. According to Obesity Action, a crash diet can lead to gallstones, loss of lean body mass, poor nutrition, electrolyte imbalances, and constipation, among many other things.

Ditch the idea of a crash diet and make small lifestyle changes that are easy to maintain. This involves lowering calorie intake, burning more calories, and substituting unhealthy foods with nutritious items.

Invest in Catering Services

Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging when you don’t have the time or interest to cook meals at home frequently. The best way to stay on track is by letting a take care of your nutrition needs. Consult a professional caterer that can prepare regular meals for you, allowing you to allocate your food costs appropriately.

A reputable catering company will use high-quality ingredients and help you achieve your health goals by offering delicious and nutritious meals. Discuss your health goals to craft a unique menu that satisfies your tastebuds and health requirements. This will ensure you don’t go off track and buy fast food or other unhealthy items to save time and fall back into your old habits.

The most important thing to remember when making and keeping your New Year’s resolution is that every day won’t be perfect. Some days, you may need to indulge in a favorite treat high in calories, which is okay because a balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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