Do you serve take-out burgers? If so, you certainly know that choosing the right burger box packagings an extremely important issue. The current offer of disposable burger packaging box on the gastronomy market is rich, but not all of them will meet your expectations. To help you find the best burger box packaging, we asked foodservice professionals what to look for when deciding to buy disposable burger box packaging. Here’s what they said:

Burger box packaging must be reliable

Anyone who’s prepared a take-out burger knows that without a reliable box, you’re not going anywhere. For a burger to arrive at the right temperature to the customer, it needs sturdy packaging. Such, which will effectively protect the contents from crushing during transport. When choosing a burger boxes it is worth to pay attention that the material of which the packaging is made is resistant to damage and provides adequate thermal insulation.

Well-packed burger

So that the burger does not move during transport, it should be packed in a box of the right size. A burger with a standard-sized bun fits perfectly into a box measuring 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm. This size of box is very popular. It provides convenient and comfortable packing into the box. It works great as packaging for burgers, hamburgers, sandwiches or toast.

Ecological burger box packaging

Why should you choose ecological packaging? First, because they are safe for the environment. Secondly, the use of biodegradable packaging is a way to build an image of the restaurant. By packing meals in ecological boxes we signal that ecology is important to us and this fits perfectly with current eco-trends.

Burger packaging manufacturer

When you run your own business (especially gastronomy!), for sure the most important thing for you is high quality of products, their repeatability and … time. Therefore, if you don’t like waiting for late deliveries, stock up in places that offer fast order processing and have the goods in stock. It is then unlikely that the manufacturer of packaging for burgers will suddenly write you back that this product is currently out of stock.

Printed burger box- Practical and aesthetic

The served dish should look good both on the plate and in the packaging. Therefore, many restaurateurs opt for packaging that is not only eco-friendly or solidly made, but also aesthetically pleasing. Packaged burger can also stimulate appetite! Appropriate colors of packaging and “tasty” prints not only stimulate appetite, but also emphasize the uniqueness of dishes.

Practical burger boxes

What else should you pay attention to when choosing packages for burgers? For example, whether they have features such as practical closures or a coating that makes the packaging non-greasy. An important criterion for choosing the right packaging is how it should be stored. It is advisable to choose foldable packaging, which takes up little space during storage.

A burger box for everyone

When choosing packaging for burgers, as well as other disposable packaging, it is good to pay attention to the fact that they do not have any logos. Takeaway packaging is a great space for advertising. It is worth using it to promote your brand. For example by attaching attractive stickers, stamping the name of the restaurant or an eye-catching phrase.

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