If you are working toward a fitness goal, perhaps running a marathon, or if you simply want to continue to improve your health and athleticism, you might sometimes wonder how to keep progressing in your training. Read on for five ways to take your fitness to a higher level.


If you haven’t already done so, your first step in taking your fitness to the next level is to set some goals for yourself. You may want to run that marathon in a few months, or perhaps you simply want to lose a few pounds and have more energy. If possible, set a specific goal for yourself, perhaps losing eight pounds over the next month.

Then set a series of intermediate goals. If you are working toward a marathon, set a goal of running a specific number of miles each week. If you are just trying to improve your health, you might cut your junk food intake in half one week and in half again the following while at the same time increasing your exercise routine from three days per week to five. Specific goals and intermediate goals will help you stay on track.


Your diet is crucial to your fitness goals, and your choices will depend on your current fitness level. If you are a beginner, strive mostly for moderation at this point. Work on balancing whole grains and lean protein with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Moderate sugar and processed foods, and cut back significantly on fast food. If you have already established a fitness-friendly diet, you will need to work on maintaining it and on gearing your food choices toward providing your body with the fuel it needs to meet your goals.


Along with a healthy diet, you might consider adding some supplements to help you increase your fitness and feel your best. A multivitamin is a good start, but you might also try endurance supplements, especially if you training for a specific event. Fish oil, electrolytes, antioxidants, beta-alanine and probiotics top the list of recommendations. Be sure to do some research before you begin taking supplements, and talk to your doctor if you are on prescription medications.


Exercise stands at the center of building your fitness. If you haven’t done much, start slowly. A few minutes a day of a moderate activity like walking or swimming or dancing can get you going. Then you can increase from there, adding more minutes, more days per week and more activities to your exercise routine. You should also begin a weight training regimen to boost your flexibility and muscle tone. If you are more advanced in your quest for fitness, vary your program to increase intensity over time.


Finally, remember that you don’t have to meet your fitness goals on your own. At the very least, tell a friend or relative what you are doing and invite that person to participate. It’s always more fun to exercise with someone else, and your partner can also hold you accountable for your goals and behavior. If you are more advanced, consider hiring a personal trainer to help you take the next step.

Your health and fitness are important, so make a commitment to them today.



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