Here is Ninja Foodie Chicken Breast Recipes Details: There are so many things that you can make in your ninja foodie. In this article we will be enlightening you with some chicken breast recipes that you can make in your ninja foodie. These recipes are absolutely amazing, and we’re sure that there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t like chicken breast. Chicken breast definitely gives every dish a different and juicy taste. No matter which country or area you are from, a chicken dish can never go wrong. If you have ninja foodie at your home, you should definitely try these chicken breast recipes because these are absolutely amazing and very easy to make. All you have to do is follow the instructions and gather your ingredients. These recipes are super quick and can be used for any festival or event. Try these out now and enjoy!

Stuffed Chicken breast with spinach

This is a dish that can make anyone drool. It is perhaps the most common dish that you can find at any restaurant. It is extremely tasty and delish. It is rich with flavours and just the cheesy you like it. Spinach gives it the richness it needs. You can serve it with some garlic rice or even some fries. Here is what you need to do to make the perfect stuffed chicken at home.

Take two breast fillets and marinate them with lemon, vinegar, red chilli peppers and some salt. Cut the chicken breast from between and stuff cheddar cheese. You need to make sure the cut is in a way that the cheese is nicely stuffed and doesn’t come out. Leave them a side for few minutes and prepare your creamy Spinach. In your ninja foodie add some butter and your Spinach. Sauté the spinach until it is fully mashed and dissolved. Add some cream and mix.

In another pan, fry your chicken breasts on medium flame until ready. Serve it with Spinach and some fries.

BBQ Chicken Breasts

Another amazing dish that we can eat all our lives. The best part is that it is super convenient to make and is extremely easy to make. You can easily find the ingredients from anywhere and you’re ready to go. Instead of enjoying this dish in a restaurant, you can now make it yourself at home and enjoy! Here is what you need to do to make this dish at home.

Take two chicken breast fillets. Marinate them with lemon, parsley, vinegar, soya sauce and some peppers. Put as side and prepare the bbq sauce.

In a pan take tomato paste and keep stirring. Add in some bbq sauce from any good brand and some ketchup. Add in some mixed herbs and brown sugar. Your sauce is ready.

Fry your chicken breasts in your ninja foodie until ready. Pour your sauce on the chicken and you’re done. Serve with some garlic rice or mashed potatoes.

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Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan is our ultimate favourite. This dish can never go wrong. If you ever feel you can decide what to order or make for yourself . Go with chicken parmesan. You can easily make it home and it is super convenient to make. The ingredients can be easily arranged and you’re good to go to enjoy your favourite meal which tastes absolutely delish!

Take two breast fillets and marinate them. You can use absolutely anything for the marinating part. It depends on you if you want it to be extra juicy or spicy. In a separate pan melt some butter and sauté some mushrooms. Add in garlic and stir. Add on fat cream and stir until a paste forms. Add black pepper and salt to taste. Add lots of cheddar cheese to get the perfect parmesan chicken.

Fry your marinated chicken on low flame and pour your sauce on it. You’re done! Enjoy your meal. This can all be done in your ninja foodie. The best part about this appliance is that it works amazingly and the food tastes splendid!

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Creamy chicken

Place the chicken breasts into the Ninja Foodie pot and pour in 1 cup of chicken broth.

Sprinkle 1.5 teaspoons of Italian seasoning on to the chicken.  It’s ok if it doesn’t evenly coat the chicken. Spread 1.5 teaspoons of minced garlic on to chicken.  It’s ok if it’s not evenly spread out. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.

Close the “pressure cooker” lid.  Move valve to seal position. Choose the “pressure” option and set time to 7 minutes. When timer beeps, naturally release pressure for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, quick release remaining pressure and carefully open lid.

Add in butter and lots of mixed herbs and some baby spinach if you prefer it. Mix it until needed and than add full fat cream. Mix till you obtain a soft creamy chicken dish. You can add more salt and pepper if you like. You can serve it with some rice or mixed veggies.

If you have your own ninja foodie at home, you can use it to make amazing and mind blowing dishes. Food made in ninja foodie tastes amazing and it takes absolutely no time at all. You are saved from all the hassle and extra effort.

You just have to add all the ingredients and wait for the ninja foodie to do it’s work. You can follow the above given recipes to make the best possible dishes. These can all be made in your ninja foodie. These recipes are easy and very convenient. These can be used for any occasion or festival. The best part about these is that these recipes can never go wrong. So go on and try these recipes now if you haven’t already. If these recipes tempt you and you still don’t have ninja foodie at your home! This is the time you get one now immediately! Become your own home chef. Make your own comfort food and enjoy all you can!


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