Gluten Free Chicken Recipes has been trending since a long time now. This is because gluten free is healthy and is used for dietary purposes as well. Celebrities and famous stars are all into only gluten free food because they want to stay fit and gluten free food is all what you need to stay healthy.

Gluten free chicken is what you need in your life if you’re in a diet and if you want to stay healthy. Gluten free chicken is not only very tasty and delicious but also very easy to make. You don’t need many ingredients to make your favourite dish. All you need to do is follow these amazing gluten free recipes to enjoy! These can be made for any occasion or festival. These recipes will really make your day and will make you fall in love with gluten chicken.

Chicken Melon Salad

Salads are our all time favourite. From being sweet and sour to spicy you can make any kind of salad and enjoy it like anything. The addition of chicken to salad makes it taste even more tasty and juicy. Gluten chicken salads are what you need if you want to stay healthy. These have very less calories as well as carbs. Here is what you need to do!

Get all the veggies you want to. Avocados, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers and watermelon. You cut them and mix them all together. Marinate chicken with pepper and some vinegar. Fry it on low flame and add into the salad bowl. Add some real nice sauces and you’re all set to go.

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Roasted Chicken with veggies

Roast is always a delight to eat. Be it Christmas or Thanksgiving, chicken roast is a mandatory dish to be made at home. You can make it in your instant pot or eve on stove. It is absolutely easy to make and very convenient to. The best part is that this dish is absolutely gluten free and totally healthy. If you want to try this dish at home, this is what you need to do.

Take whole chicken or you can even get breast fillets. Marinate them with lemon, soya sauce, peppers and some salt. You can use mixed herbs as well. Steam the chicken inside the pot or in a pan on the stove. You can use a drop of olive oil if you want to. Sauté some vegetables like Avocado, bell peppers, mushrooms and broccoli. You can serve them with your roasted chicken. You get an amazing delicious dish which is rich and absolutely juicy.

Curried Chicken Soup

If you’re a soup person but you also want to he Gluten Free Chicken Recipes. You should definitely try curried chicken soup. This is very tasty and absolutely healthy. The best part is that it is gluten free. The ingredients used for this soup are healthy very easily available and of course free of gluten. What else would you need on a chilly winter night in winters? Here is what you need to make this soup.

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Use chicken stock to prepare broth. You need nicely shredded chicken and some really nice vegetables. Add your boneless chicken into the broth and wait for it to boil completely. Add in butter, salt, black pepper and all the veggies you need to make the soup. You can add fried mushrooms as well. You can add eggs, broccoli, kale and spring onions to give it the best enriching flavour. Add some corn starch slurry to give it the thickening effect. Adding some corn would be an absolute bonus!

Gluten free chicken pasta

We are all a big fan of pastas. But it’s not necessary to give up on your favourite dish just because you’re on a diet. Instead of the ordinary penne, you can use a good bran gluten free pasta. It will taste just the same and will absolutely be a lot more healthy. Chicken makes everything  a lot more delicious and enriched. It gives anything the flavour it needs. You can now make some gluten free pasta for yourself and enjoy.

Boil some gluten free pasta. Gluten free usually takes more time than a regular pasta to boil. Meanwhile, take some boneless chicken and marinate it with vinegar, lemon, soya sauce, oyster sauce and your preferred spices. Fry it on low flame until read. Prepare a tomato sauce in a pan. Do this by mashing the tomatoes with a beater.

Add some brown sugar and some gluten free ketchup.

Add in some bbq sauce and red chilli peppers.

Add in lots of vegetables and sauté them till they are done.

Add your pasta and chicken. Mix till needed and enjoy your meal!

Chicken Fillets

Sometimes all you need is a simple meal involving chicken. You don’t have to get too fancy with your dish. All you have to do is follow the below given recipe and enjoy a good meal with a glass of fresh lemonade.

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Take chicken fillets and marinate them with good sauces like oyster and soya sauce. Add in some crushed peppers and some vinegar and garlic. Marinate for 2 hours and then fry or steam it on stove or your instant pot. Do this over a period of 25 minutes so that the chicken gets tender and moist. Serve it with some mushrooms or baby spinach. You can also have it with vegetables or some corn.

These Gluten Free Chicken Recipes could really help you with your favourite meals. You don’t have to worry about anything now. These recipes are really easy and are absolutely gluten free. These are healthy and will cause you no weight gain even. If you’re weight conscious, these recipes are just what you need in life. You can easily make these at home using your stove or your instant pot. In both the things these will turn out to be extremely amazing. These are not the only recipes. Stay tuned to the website to know about more delish recipes! Enjoy!


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