Would you like to spend your day on the ocean away from Marbella’s bustle? Well, fishing on the ocean is available for anyone who enjoys fishing or longs for a leisurely day at sea.

Due to the impact of the warm currents of the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean through the Straits of Gibraltar, Marbella is regarded as one of the most diverse fishing locations in the world. Here, a vast range of species can be discovered, including Snappers, Groupers, Tuna, and Marlin. Several species of sharks historically thrived in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans; while they are no longer a common catch, they are still a catch in these waters.

There are several locations where you may go fishing in Marbella because of the city’s abundance of beaches. Playa de el Ancon is one of the many beaches there. Large boulders off the coast that offer great flat surfaces for climbing can be used for fishing throughout the day. Playa de la Bajadilla is a beach with two fishing ports on either side, giving you a variety of places to cast your line.

You can go on a boat tour from Marbella to go fishing in addition to fishing from one of the ports. The expertise these firms bring to the table is one of the benefits of taking a Marbella fishing charter.

According to customer reviews, the most well-liked fishing charters in Marbella, Andalusia are Luna Pesca – Port Banus, Bravo Charters Marbella Port Banus, and Boat Monty Charter.

The three most popular fish you can catch are dolphin (Mahi-mahi), dentex, and bluefin tuna. Deep sea fishing, trolling, and bottom fishing are popular fishing methods. Local guides frequently offer reef fishing, nearshore fishing, and offshore fishing.

So, if fishing appeals to you, consider buying an apartment for sale in Marbella from which you can access the ocean for fishing anytime.

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