Creating a cooking video can benefit those who enjoy cooking and want to share their knowledge and techniques with others. You can use your culinary video to educate others, share your favourite recipes, or even generate money. It’s impossible to resist the pull of a tasty dish, so videos featuring delectable recipes are so popular. Several options are available, whether you choose to sell your recipes or make money from adverts on YouTube. You’ll need to know the in and out of making a good cooking video that others will want to see. Keep reading to understand how to make a stunning food film and share your recipe and happiness.

 Following are seven suggestions for creating your outstanding cooking videos.


Pre-planning is essential

To create a food video that people want to watch and follow, you must prepare ahead of time and think strategically. With so many cooking shows to choose from, it can be challenging to develop an idea that hasn’t been done before. It’s much better if you have your special recipe! Rather than practising on camera the first time you wish to create a recipe, do it before a friend or family member. The videos can be used as-is, or you can change them with help from a PR person or a video maker to make the best impression. As a result, making your cooking video will be simple to follow. You will not have to spend a plethora of time editing out significant blunders.


Whether to use one or two cameras

Inexperienced cooks may find it challenging to film their first culinary video with just one camera, but employing two can provide superior results. Although having multiple cameras can save money, having multiple cameras can be time-consuming to set up and maintain. It’s preferable to have a friend assist you in focusing and fixing the white balance than to hire an expert later.

 You should halt your work and resume only when you’ve captured a suitable image for close-up shots. To fulfil the directions, using various shots such as close-ups and a full-frame can help the viewers get to know you better. Most importantly, it is recommended that you include a tripod with your equipment to avoid taking shaky shots. Here are some video recording ideas and recommendations.

Shoot from above

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a Tasty video is the overhead shot taken from above. It has a strong emotional impact on viewers because they believe the hands in the video may be their own hands. In addition, it makes the recipe appear more attainable. 

Do not, however, rely solely on shots taken from above.


Don’t limit yourself to shooting from above. While the top-down perspective is visually appealing, it can become repetitious if that is all you provide. However, if you incorporate the top-down view in your design, it can become tedious to look at. Instead, try capturing the scene from several perspectives, including close-ups of the most delicious portions, to give some diversity to your shots.

Start with the most tempting shot.

Show the finished result to your audience before beginning the recipe. That’s what’s going to keep them interested in sticking around. Please take a picture or a video of your delectable food and include it at the beginning of your film. Add a text title indicating what the dish is named.

 Try out some time-lapse shots.

You can have fun with your camera’s time-lapse mode. Using this method, you can reduce the viewing time while still displaying all of the steps in your recipe on their whole. You can also carefully trim away sections of lengthy procedures in the middle of their duration.


It is recommended that you adjust your camera’s white balance before filming your culinary video. This will ensure that you get the film’s true colours and minimise the likelihood of having background hues on your screen. Use a white sheet of paper and the camera to set the white balance to a genuine white.

 Don’t forget to dress appropriately.

It is best to avoid wearing white or anything with many bright colours when recording your food video. To avoid detracting attention away from the recipe or making it less tasty. You want the watch to be on the cuisine rather than your attire. An attire that is bright yet does not clash with the background is preferable.

 Displaying the finished dish

Adding a plate or bowl and some garnishes to your finished dish is a great way to show off your culinary skills in a video. Ideally, you want viewers to leave with their tongues watering and a desire to try out some of your different recipes in the future. You may make your viewers salivate with a snapshot that makes them crave the dish. For example, a close-up of freshly baked bread, juicy meat, or even the condiment is drizzled over a finished dish.

 Build a set with the aid of props

You may set the mood for whatever recipe you’re creating by incorporating props into your presentation. Even if you’re only presenting the essential elements of your recipe, like sifting flour and sugar into a bowl in your video, it might help make it more enticing. For example, are you baking a pumpkin pie? Why not put a tiny pumpkin on the table to add some colour? Do you want to make Christmas cookies? A little tinsel or gift paper can go a long way toward setting the mood.

 The title should be straightforward and must use video tags

Make sure your dish’s name isn’t too complicated, even though it may sound fantastic on a menu or celebrity chef show. It will be tough for individuals searching for cooking videos to find yours if your name is difficult to pronounce or spell. People will be able to locate precisely what they are looking for if you provide enough information but make it simple.

 When you utilise video tagging to enhance your cooking video, you will have a better time doing so if you pick a short name for the video. Tags should be related to the recipe you’re cooking, but solid tags should also be used. For example, the words ‘beginning’, “cake,” “icing,” “how-to,” and “recipe” should be included because they are more likely to attract a larger audience and garner more views.


Videos are the most effective means of connecting with your target audience. People prefer to see videos rather than read the text because they are more valuable. You enjoy cooking, and now you’ve learned how to create excellent cooking videos to share with your friends and family. The above suggestions can assist you in getting started with culinary videos.

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