Scotland is known for its unconventional traditional dishes. Though they might seem odd and have unusual ingredients, they are very tasty and worth trying. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is known for great food. Edinburgh has tons of great restaurants and exciting dishes to try like smoked salmon and haddock, haggis, and black pudding. There’s something for everyone here and where better to try them than Edinburgh.

It’s the perfect place to pop over to for a long weekend and there are plenty of great places to stay too. Whether you want a cheap stay or a luxury boutique hotel, there’s lots of options. Take a quick look at these hotel deals Edinburgh and find the perfect place to stay while you enjoy the culinary delights that Scotland has to offer.


Haggis is the national dish of Scotland. It’s a local classic and can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, visitors tend to find it offputting. Haggis is made with some ingredients that people don’t normally eat. Though it is made with oatmeal and spices, the main ingredient is calf or sheep offal.

Offal is the internal organs and entrails of a calf or sheep. The dish cooks in the stomach of the sheep until it turns into a delicious pudding. While haggis might sound scary, it is actually savoury and delicious and will have you coming back for a second serving.

Where to find it: Make your way to the Royal McGregor pub at 154 High St where you can order haggis fritters. You can also go to the Whiski Bar at 119 High St for a delicious haggis tower. The tower of traditional haggis comes with neeps (mashed swede) and tatties (mashed potatoes).

Stornoway Black Pudding

Stornoway black pudding is a traditional dish of Scotland. It is made with sausage, pig’s blood, spices, onion, and oatmeal to hold it together and give it texture. The pig’s blood might scare some people off, but if they can get over their fear they will find this award-winning dish delicious.

Where to find it: The famous Charles Macleod butcher carries Stornoway black pudding at several locations in Edinburgh. You can also find it at Crombies (Broughton St).


Porridge is the traditional breakfast of Scotland and it is hard to avoid. It is very healthy and simple. It’s made with oats that are locally grown and water or milk. Porridge is a great dish to start your day with.

Where to find it: Mimi’s Bakehouse at 277 St John’s Road is known for serving the best homemade porridge with fruit or brown sugar and cinnamon toppings. Or try Urban Angel (121 Hanover Street) where porridge can be ordered until 1700 for breakfast and brunch.

Cullen Skink

Cullen Skink is a Scottish classic. This thick flavoursome soup is made with potatoes, onions, and smoked haddock.

Where to find it: Pay a visit to Whiski Bar (119 High St) for an affordable bowl of this Scottish classic. Another option is Dubh Prais at 123b High Street. They are known for serving affordable and authentic Cullen skink.

Smoked Salmon

Scottish salmon is usually served in slices. Scotland is known for its salmon and it’s famous around the world. Scottish salmon is seafood at its best.

Where to find it: If you want to learn about what you’re eating and the Scottish history behind it go to Something Fishy at 16a Broughton Street this fishmonger’s shop is family-run. Or you can try smoked salmon with vegetables, potatoes, and mussels at Stac Polly (29-33 Dublin Street).

Partan Bree

Partan Bree is simple but so tasty. This crab bisque is made with rice, cream, and crab broth. While there are few ingredients, that flavour is amazing.

Where to find it: Enjoy a huge bowl of this creamy crab soup at One Square bar/restaurant (1 Festival Square).

Arbroath Smokies

You’ve never tried smoked haddock like this before. It’s golden brown and delicious and made in a traditional way that gives it an amazing flavour. The haddock is salted and then tied in pairs so it can dry overnight. It’s then fire-smoked over a barrel for 30 minutes.

Where to find it: Pay a visit to Fishers in Leith (1 Shore) where you can enjoy a dish of affordable asparagus and smoked haddock. You can also make your own by picking up haddock at Something Fishy at 16a Broughton Street.

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