5 Qualities to Look for in a Sponsor Who Will Support Your Rehab Cape Town Treatment

Addiction recovery is a lengthy process filled with many difficulties, but for some, a sponsor can provide the right motivation to continue their journey.

The role of a sponsor is that of helping the person recovering from addictions stay on track, by providing them with more information as to what to expect, be an understanding voice in your life, and cheer you on as you continue every day to work on getting free from your addiction.

Here are 5 qualities to look for in your sponsor:

  1. A Positive Attitude

Your sponsor will provide you with more information about your recovery, share their personal experience with you, and motivate you to stay on track.

This is very difficult to do if the sponsor is not at a place where they view their sobriety with a positive perspective. Your sponsor should be the one who constantly reminds you of the benefits of staying on track in your recovery.

And they cannot do that if they do not see the benefits.

  1. They Are Easy to Reach

Ideally, you should be able to reach your sponsor especially during harder times where you feel like you might get off track.

Since these moments are hard to predict, it’s especially important to know your sponsor has the time and is willing to keep an open line to you at all times.

  1. You Feel You Can Trust Them

In a sense, you are placing some of your recovery chances on the support and advice of your sponsor. As a result, you should trust your sponsor enough to know that following their advice will help you make progress in your addiction recovery.

If there is no trust, you might start second-guessing the advice of your sponsor and harden your recovery process tremendously.

  1. They Can Remain Impartial

Many people view their sponsors as a friend, however, one of the most important qualities a sponsor should have is their ability to remain impartial.

Friends give you advice from an emotional perspective, which isn’t always the best thing for someone who is recovering from an addiction. Your sponsor should take an interest in your recovery process, help you figure out how to navigate it, but do it from the perspective of someone who has experienced a similar situation.

  1. They Listen

Sponsors don’t just talk – they listen. To your experience, your worries, hardships, and offer you an understanding ear to allow you to vent.

A sponsor who doesn’t listen, and immediately moves to tell you what to do without fully understanding your situation might not be the best fit.

Over to You

Finding a good sponsor might not happen instantly, but remember you do not have to stick with someone who you don’t genuinely feel can help.

When you do find the right sponsor, your road towards addiction recovery can ease tremendously!

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