The world is facing one of the deadliest pandemics from the past two years. The novel coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 has infected millions of people worldwide and caused a large ratio of deaths all around the world. Since no ultimate treatment has been declared yet, scientists and medical professionals urge people to avoid catching the virus by practicing social distancing and covering their faces in public. This is because face coverings offer one of the most reliable means of keeping viral infections at bay.  

Since face coverings have become crucial against the spread of COVID-19, many surgical and pharmaceutical vendors have come up with a wide variety of masks available for public sale. You have N95 respirator masks, KN95 masks, military grade masks, medical grade masks, and much more! People are also using cloth masks for covering their faces but they don’t offer a reliable option.

Medical grade face mask

Every other mask type works the best for all. However, medical grade face masks made in USA are specially designed for healthcare workers and medical personnel. The WHO defines them as flat or pleated surgical masks that can be affixed to the head with straps going around the ears or head. They are best used when the person is carrying out some medical procedure and are thus good for one-time use only. The wearer should dispose it of properly when gets done with the process.     

A good quality medical grade face mask made in USA has almost 95-97% filtration efficacy. Its droplet filtration system actively catches the air you breathe in and out and filters it thoroughly before it reaches your environment to the lungs and vice versa. The mask is composed of multiple layers of non-woven materials including cellulose, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Every layer has fine fibers to ensure good breathability.    

Where can you buy a medical grade face mask made in USA?

You can only avail of the benefits of a high quality medical grade face mask made in USA, if you buy it from a genuine and reliable vendor. Many companies have come forward selling fake products, so you need to be careful while making a purchase.

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