People in this generation are well educated about the environmental impacts of everything everyone does on a daily basis. So, most of them try to step forward toward the progression of ecological well-being.

One of them is the vegan diet, where people replace animal-based foods with plant-based foods. Even the seafood is replaced with many products that taste exactly like the seafood varieties. So, here are some of the plant based seafood products that are rich in taste and nutrition:

The Chickpea tuna sandwich recipe

Chickpea is a versatile bean that is famous as a plant based seafood that is being cultivated to have a tuna-like texture. It can also be flavoured with the mashing and additional ingredients to make it taste like a dish that is made up of tuna.

It can be eaten with celery and trodden nori sheets made of seaweed. It can be served with a slathering dips of vegan mayo or hummus. This chickpea salad makes nutritious sandwich filler. It has a rich flavouring and is so mouth-watering.

The ‘calamari’ Mushroom recipe

They are crispy rings made of king oyster mushroom with just the right amount of consistency. It is pure enough to imagine eating at an Italian restaurant. You can whip up the marinara recipe or use an egg-free mayo or tartare. Vegenaise or Masterfoods are some of the recipes of the marinara Traditional Tartare.

The Banana blossom fish tacos recipe

These dishes are made of banana blossoms which are flaky and crispy. The fish-free tacos are made with large banana blossoms. The fleshy flower of the banana tree has a great resemblance to fish in its texture. Hence, it is used to make fish tacos and chips. You can get them canned at supermarkets or local Asian grocery stores. It works great with few ingredients.

The Sandwich with Filet-O-Eggplant recipe

The eggplant is crumbled and used in the filet in the version of the Macca’s classic sandwiches. It is a fish-friendly dish with eggplant filling between tartare sauce and vegan cheese on a white bun. It will taste so awesome with the texture of soft, crunchy, and savoury flavours.

The Mushroom’ scallops’ recipe

It’s so genius that the mushroom scallops are combined with capers, the cream sauce made of white wine and fresh parsley. This is a moreish pasta dish with subtle flavours of sea foods and is so delightful to eat.

The Artichoke’ crab cakes’ recipe

These soft and delicious crumbed patties are combined with flaky artichoke hearts and crunchy bits of celery. These equally taste as good as finger foods. It is a great dish that is bound to be a great hit with friends and family.

Parting words: 

If you are willing to switch to plant-based food, you are doing a huge favour for the sea creatures. You can save the fishes, which are the main dwellers of the sea and part of our ecosystem, similar to the land animals. So, if you start creating changes with your foods, you will not only save the planet but will acquire pure health benefits from plant-based foods. You can take pride in saving earth by doing so.

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