Dubai-an amazing city is popular for show-stopping style and its diverse restaurant scene is no different. It is fascinating to know that eat out in the emirate will fall you in love with food with virtually almost cuisine under the sun. if someone says, Dubai has limited opportunism to dine in, this blog is especially for them. Here we are going to explain some of the most unique and beautiful dining experiences in Dubai that you’ll love. You’ll forget all the experiences of mall, beaches and markets as it’ll be an unusual experience. So, let’s get started!


What’ll be your answer if someone asks you eat in the dark? Yes, In Dubai, Noire has darkness theme this restaurant allows you dine in pitch darkness. The main concept of this theme is to reduce the human senses. Enjoy a three- course dining experience here and amaze yourself from the waiters hovering around you in night vision goggles. It’ll be your remarkable dining experience- especially when you remind, you were scrambled to find plate and glass. After finishing the meal, meet the chef.


Have you ever wondered what dining under the sea look like? In Dubai, Ossiano at Atlantis allows you enjoy an amazing scenic dinner. The restaurant is perched under shimmery chandeliers along with over 65,000 marine creatures. exciting? Let the breathtaking ambience taking you over the most significant aspect of the place- that’s food. Isn’t it sounds interesting? The place is led by finest chefs in town, and it’s famous for seafood lovers. The seafood restaurant is, in a word, theatrical. Despite the grandaunt aquariums and gold color scheme, Ossiano’s cuisine rises above the cheesiness. You will absolutely love the Ossiano Experience Menu with affordable rates.

Dhow Cruise

In Dubai, the dhow cruise is one of the best ways to witness the charm of Dubai. You must experience this beautiful cruise with delicious dinner on calm water on traditional Arabian boats. It includes a mouth-watering BBQ dinner, your favorite beverages, Tanura dance, and live music. Here you have ana amazing way to enjoy the calmness away from the city.

Dinner on a yacht

In order to get unique dining experience in Dubai, you must experience boat rental Dubai. It’s fascinating to know that yachts provide an elegant way for exploring Dubai with friends, family, spouses, as well as colleagues. In Dubai, Arabian sea and blowing sand are the biggest attractions of visiting the City of Gold. Mega yacht dinner cruise is just incredible regardless of where you are. However, being in sunny- Dubai elevates this experience to another level.


At.mosphere is located on 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa- world’s highest restaurant.  The full stop in the name indicates to have to do with “at,”. Although, this the concept seems to run out of sensebut nothing can beat the level of dining at 122 floors up. This swanky spot has all what you want to call bird’s eye views. In order to reach At.mosphere, you hurtle upwards in smooth express elevator before stepping out to a two-level atrium. Enjoy a modern European cuisine and presented artfully. Moreover, if you plan your trip right, Michelin-starred chef occasionally pop up in the kitchen. If you want to look Dubai at its bets- it’s suggested to visit at night.

Al Hadheerah

Despite a diverse dining scene, in Dubai, the hardest things to track down is Dubai cuisine. If you are looking for something special, Al Hadheerah packs in as Arabian desert cliches as a vacationer handle. For starters, you are inside the walls of a fort. The major event is the entertainment- falcons perching on Arabian horses with tunic-swirling masters. It’s all about bit Disney. However, the regional cooking wins a highlight that’s the whole lamb cooked into a charcoal pit for six hours.


Dubai is not the first place to watch African tribal dancers while you eat, then Dubai isn’t most places. Tribes- an African-themed steak house, meat sizzles in an open kitchen and the staff hurry past in bright tribal patterns. Men make sure not to sit with their backs against the main door. A waiter will tell them to switch to protect their date from intruding lions. The place includes carnivorous menu. It is fascinating to know that the multi-Tribal sausage platter is meatier than you imagine. The meals include staff bursting into African song as well as dancing to feverish drums. Moreover, when it comes to the African meats, there’s no disappointed to find that they are imported from Sharjah.


Look out to sea from Jumeirah beach- you’ll see Pierchic’s black warehouse-style facade over the waves on wooden stilts. Pierchic looks like an Arabic beach house than a sea-food restaurant. In order to reach the eatery, stroll along the private pier and witness iconic Burj Arab on one side and Atlantis the palm on other. If you want another option, hop aboard a golf cart. Some of the famous food items are sea scallops, yellow-fin tuna, oysters, and various fishy carpaccios served fresh and elegantly. Book your table on the ocean- facing terrace in order to make your dining experience more worthy.

BBQ Donut

When you get sunny days a year, barbecuing on a balcony loses its shine. Light up the barbie sitting on a dinghy in the water. Enjoy at Dubai’s aptly known as BBQ Donuts- are not the accident-waiting-to-happen they sound. A doughnut-shaped dinghy fixed with a central grilling station allows six people to float off. BBQ Donut is armed with a cool box of ready-to-grill meats. If you don’t want to handle the navigation, pay for a captain for the day.

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