Your first time using marijuana is full of intense emotions. Even though it’s legal in many states and proven to be safe, many of us have grown up with an anti-weed stigma that’s hard to shake.

Depending on your past, it might seem scary to light a joint or eat an edible, but it doesn’t have to be. Newbies can enjoy their first weed experience and come back for more with these tips.

1. Prepare Your Mind Ahead

You should always know what to expect before using any new product, especially something as strong as weed.

Everyone’s reactions are unique to them, and a few factors go into the effects. If you get a strain that’s too potent, you could end up with anxiety, paranoia, and an overall bad experience.

Some strains are better for beginners, like Cannatonic and Blue Dream. These are hybrids that mix Sativa and Indica, so you get the calming effect without it being overpowering. You can smoke a blunt and still be in charge of your actions and thoughts.

Keep in mind that too much of any cannabis strain can get you intoxicated. Stick to the bare minimum and see how you tolerate it for your first time.

2. Aim For the “Less Fresh” Weed

For most things, we want the freshest batch we can get. When it comes to weed, though, those straight-off-the-plant buds are extremely potent.

THC loses its potency gradually, eventually losing all efficacy about six months after it is exposed to oxygen. The more it’s left unsealed, the faster it degrades, as Veriheal explains here.

Expert stoners want their weed to be as newly minted as possible. As a beginner, you might have a better experience with cannabis a few weeks or months old.

3. Stay Hydrated

We’ve all had cottonmouth at some point. You wake up, and your mouth is so dry you can’t even swallow. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that’s very common with using cannabis.

This dry mouth feeling comes with any THC consumption, not just smoking. The scientific reason, in a nutshell, is that THC binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body. It tries to put everything into a balanced state called homeostasis when it does.

With your salivary glands, this means that your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is at rest. Since the PNS is responsible for digestion, which directly impacts saliva production, you produce a smaller but thicker amount. Hence, the stick, dry mouth.

By drinking a lot of water before, during, and after you partake in marijuana, you can control the cottonmouth effect.

4. Keep it Simple

Recreational and medicinal cannabis has been legalized long enough that there are tons of variations. You’ll find a lot of strains, flavors, methods, edibles, and smoking choices.

As a beginner, stick to the simple options. Take a hit off your friend’s joint if they’re experienced. Eat a storebought edible, not a homemade brownie.

It’s also a good idea to make your first experience one with someone who knows what they’re doing instead of two or more newbies trying to roll a joint or bake with weed.

5. Make Sure You Feel Safe

Most importantly, never use weed for the first time in a strange environment.

No one knows how they’ll react until they have the drug in their system. If you have a bad reaction, you need to have someone around you trust to take care of you.

CBD without THC is one thing. Hemp-derived CBD is legal and has no known mind-altering side effects. Psychoactive substances with THC in them are a whole different ballgame.

Some people become overwhelmed by the sensations, even if they’re experienced with weed.

Having someone by your side to calm you down helps you stay grounded and safe. They can also let you know if you’re at your limit, just like your friends should do (or you’d do for them) when you’re drinking.


Your first time using marijuana should be an experience you remember forever—in a good way! You’ll reminisce about this time for the rest of your life. With these simple tips, your first high will be something that you’ll look back on and smile.

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