You can get engaged in Water Sports at the hotel, such as kayaking and snorkelling. In this area, there is a Natural Reef you can explore. The Garrafon Park Cancun has an estuary where you can do activities such as canoeing or stand up paddling.

One of the most natural experiences you can have while in Cancun, Bikini Blue Snorkel is a program that allows you to discover the wonders of the reef in a virgin natural aquatic environment. In this snorkel experience, you will travel to the coast with your experienced scuba diving instructor, then we will transport you by kayak to the best place for Snorkel in Isla Mujeres where you will be accompanied by a coral reef specialist who offers a between-the-reef tour and time for an unforgettable snorkel swim at Garrafon Underwater Park.

Garrafon Natural Reef Park is the best place in Isla Mujeres, Cancún to snorkel and experience the beauty of the coral reef. This park has the best facilities and equipment, as well as guides that can help beginners get started with this amazing activity and enjoy magnificent views of colourful fish and coral formations that are right at your fingertips.

Snorkel in the Natural Reef of Garrafon Park,

• This spectacular reef is one of the best-preserved and most visited coral reefs in the world, it has more than 1,000 marine species

• Once you get to Garrafon Park, you will need to take a ferry that will take you to the Natural Reef.

• The staff will provide you with all necessary equipment such as a snorkel mask and fins, a life jacket and an inner tube.

• After having fun in the water walk around and check out the incredible view from the viewpoint.

• You will have full access to all facilities at Garrafon Park including two swimming pools, a restaurant area and a beach club.

• You won’t want to miss out on a chance to visit Garrafon Natural Reef Park as it is truly one of the most amazing underwater experiences in the world! You can enjoy Snorkel Tour in Isla Mujeres

Swim with Dolphins

Once you have been snorkelling, if you’re looking for a new adventure in the same area, I recommend going Swim with Dolphins. There are several places to do it, but my favourite is Garrafon Park. You have the best of both worlds as you can snorkel and swim with dolphins at the same time. I think it is an experience worth having at least once in your lifetime. The dolphins are known for their ability to adapt to humans and their natural curiosity and intelligence make them perfect partners for this activity. I enjoyed it so much that I actually went back a second time!

It’s an amazing experience to interact with these beautiful creatures up close and personal. They are trained to be friendly with humans, so there is no risk involved in doing this activity.

There are two things that make Garrafon Park better than any other place: The first one is that they offer you more time with the dolphins than other places do, which means more opportunities to interact.

The second reason why it is better is that they have a Natural Reef where you can snorkel after swimming with dolphins. The reef itself is not very big or deep, but if you like snorkelling, it’s definitely worth checking out

Breathtaking Moment! Zipline Over Caribbean Sea:

Imagine flying over the Caribbean Sea as if you were flying like a bird, feeling that adrenaline that only this experience can give you.

This is one of the most popular activities on Isla Mujeres because it is a safe and easy ride. We assure you that it will be a fun and unforgettable experience!

Garrafón Park is located in the south of Isla Mujeres, with an area of 75 acres, the park has more than 3 miles of white sand beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun. It also has a natural reef for snorkelling.

Kayaking In Garrafon:

Kayaking in Garrafon is an activity that we would recommend for those who are looking to add a little more adrenaline to their vacation. You don’t need to have any experience or previous training, just be in the good physical condition and know how to swim.

Food and Drinks

Garrafon is a natural park located in the famous Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It is of the most important places tourist can visit.

With its incomparable view, Garrafon is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Mexico and in the world. This natural park has an area of more than 50 hectares where you will find a wide variety of activities for all tastes, from snorkel and scuba diving to zip lines, water jet pack and more.

In Garrafon there is a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with its open bar and to complement them a buffet service is available for visitors. Of course, the guests of honour are the Mexican dishes, but, you can also find food of all kinds to delight your palate.

For those who want that special treatment at this wonderful place, there is a VIP area where food and drinks are taken to another level, with meat cuts to choose from and even sushi gives you that classy touch that your vacation needs.


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