With the increase in cannabis and vaping products, concerns about the safety and health effects are coming up. The research about the effects of vaping is still going on. The THC vape pen and other vape products are quickly gaining fame in the minds of youth. Another study conducted in 2015 with 364 candidates stated the use of medical marijuana and its various modes of intake. This study concluded that the most primarily used mode of intake was vaporizing, 53%, followed by joints which were 47%. The primary reason for using vaping methods and vape pens was to reduce the adverse health effects of smoking.

What Is Smoking?

Smoking weed or marijuana is one of the fastest methods to consume the substance and enjoy its impacts. Smoking has both long-term and short-term effects on our brain and body. The effects of smoking pot are subjective in nature. Some people do not react to consuming marijuana, while some get instantly high on the substance. Various factors induce such effects on the body and mind. The reactions of marijuana to every weed user are different. Some enjoy the healing benefits of marijuana, while some have unpleasant experiences with them.

Factors That Affect Your Experience

●     The Actual Amount Of THC In The Marijuana

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (responsible for the high feeling) is the natural component found in cannabis along with CBD or cannabidiol (the wellness substance). The actual amount of THC in the smoking drastically affects your reaction to the marijuana.

●    Drug Dependency Or Previous Experience

When you are a frequent consumer of marijuana, you may have developed tolerance and need more than the previous dose for the marijuana to kick in your body. It is known as a dependency, consuming more amounts to get the initial effects.

●    Body Structure And Genetics

Biological factors such as age, sex, body type, metabolism, and weight play a vital role in affecting your marijuana experience. Women tend to metabolize THC slower as compared to males. That means the drug stays active in females’ bodies for an extended period, and hence, they may require smaller quantities than males.

●    Other Substances

While smoking marijuana, people often combine it with other substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and nicotine. These substances act as intensifiers and increase the effects of substances consumed and marijuana. Excess substance consumption can also lead to adverse effects.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping marijuana is another way of marijuana intake in our body. It uses various devices such as e-cigarettes, vape pens, e-pipes, and vaporizers. Unlike traditional smoking, it uses batteries and metal coils to heat the liquid. In vaping, first, you have to boil the device and let the liquid oil or juice in the device heat up. Then the user has to inhale the juice after it evaporates.

Some vape pens also have a compartment for adding dry marijuana flowers. It helps users enjoy the authentic taste and untampered therapeutic benefits in the most original form. Most people consider vaping as a safer option in comparison to smoking weed. But the reality is that there is minimal research on vaping and its negative consequences. The research about vaping is still ongoing.

Features Of Vaping

●    Hides The Earthy Scent

People often don’t like the earthy smell of cannabis. The smell is so strong and bothersome that people sometimes mix it with beverages and food to hide the odor. Vaporizers can’t make the cannabis odorless, but it helps to minimize the solid earthy smell to a great extent.

●    Less Waste, More Affordable

The amount of cannabis required in the vapes is meager compared to smoking joints or pipes. Doses being more potent require less cannabis to draw the needed effect. However, the upfront cost of vaping may be high, the overall cost declines due to less requirement of marijuana.

●    Accessible

Taking cannabis outside your home can be messy and bothersome, but vaping helps you get your cannabis intake in just a few steps and with fewer resources like vape pen, oil, and juice. Vape pens and other e-cigarette devices are small and easy to carry. Also, vaporizers can be used where smoking is not allowed, such as in public parks or outside your work area.

●    Consistency

The content of THC in each inhalant vape device is consistent and potent. Also, vaporizers almost kick in immediately after their consumption. The vapor of the vape devices contains less toxic elements and is considered the most potent and pure form.

Is Vaping THC Safer Than Smoking?

People often choose to vape over smoking because they consider vaping safer. Smoking involves inhaling hot elements of cannabis or tobacco. It can affect the delicate flesh of your lungs. Further, while smoking, you can inhale various toxic components which can cause cancer. Also, there are chances of combustion. While in vaping, there is no burning involved. You heat the THC device until the formation of fog or vapor, and then you inhale it.

In comparison to heated leaves, vaporizers are viable to ensure a smoother lung intake. Also, there are fewer chances of combustion. Though most people feel vaping THC is safe. However, vaping also comes with proper cautions and warnings. You should be aware of the ill effects of THC.

In smoking, the smoke is released almost immediately. But vaping involves users keeping the smoke in their lungs for a longer time. It can render damage to your lungs and can cause various respiratory disorders. Further, due to lack of standardization and legalization, various duplicate THC products contain Vitamin E acetate, which can cause EVALI.


Though most people feel smoking poses more dangers than vaping, the reality is that we don’t have enough research about vaping. For more information, one can visit vapenews. Whether it is smoking marijuana or consuming it through vape devices, anything that involves inhaling substances into your lungs can cause various health hazards. The less risky way of consuming cannabidiol is edibles, powders, gummies, tinctures, sprays, and more. And if you are keen on vaping or smoking marijuana, ensure you do enough research and consulting before consuming it.


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