One thing that really makes our products so special, is the colours and materials we use. We make sure our accessories are as beautiful in combination with each other as they are on their own. That’s why most of our products match perfectly.

Barbara Luijckx sells accessories made of chocolate. Their work is truly decadent and often look incredibly realistic. Their pieces are predominantly manufactured using moulding techniques combined with casting, which she then hand-paints.

When you first see the accessories and dishes created by Barbara Luijckx you can’t help but feel drawn to them. There is a sense of fun and colour that burns brightly. In a world of form over function, the things that this artist creates are a breath of fresh air.

Barbara Luijckx accessories are really something, they are monochromatic and have a lot of textures and patterns. The combinations of colours are very nice. I would love to see this accessory in neutral colours like brown, black or white.

What makes a chocolate accessory special?

It is really easy to put together a great chocolate accessory. You need some sort of container for the chocolate, of course. But it can be anything you like, as long as there is a lid that fits. You also need something to stir with, but you can use literally anything – a teaspoon, a table knife, the handle of an old spoon that you’ve broken off – even a finger will do if the chocolate isn’t too hot.

If the accessories are not too expensive there is no need to buy them especially; any object with the right kind of hole in it will work. What makes a good chocolate accessory special is what it says about its owner. The only way to find out what that is would be to gather a lot of different people’s accessories and try to figure out what they have in common.

The first one is the most important: it is a teaspoon made of stainless steel, used for stirring hot chocolate or coffee. It doesn’t look like much – just an ordinary teaspoon – but I love it so much I don’t want to stir anything else with it.

How to choose colour combinations for Chocolate decorations?

There are various colour combinations used for Chocolate decorations. Although they are great in taste they lack an attractive look and appeal. But you can make it more appealing with the help of some simple colour combinations.

Brown and White combination: It is a good combination for all chocolates be it milk or dark chocolate. You can use this combo on any chocolate decoration or cake to make it look more appealing and delicate. The best way to use this combo is to make a white base or coat of chocolates, then apply brown chocolates over them. It will also make your product look like a piece of artwork rather than just textured chocolate.

Green and Brown combination: If you want to make your decoration really attractive, then mix some green and brown chocolates to get a beautiful texture. Mix equal amounts of both colours in order to achieve better results. You can easily apply this combo to your chocolate cake to attract people to your work.

White with Transparent coating: If you want your cake to look lustrous and glossy, then you need this type of coating over the chocolate decoration. This will give a glossier look to your cake which will definitely attract more customers to your product.

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