Who does not like a homemade burger or a hot dog? If you are a food enthusiast and want to make sausages at home or a pattie for the burger, you will require ground meat. But many do not prefer store-bought ground meat because they contain preservatives and food coloring. Simply put, healthy eaters do not enjoy processed food because it may cause bodily harm. So, the remedy to the situation is to make your own ground meat at home and then create delicious dishes with that ground meat. Here are some different techniques you can prepare ground meat at home without much technical aid. 

With a Sharp Knife: It is time to go back to the very basics; all you need is a sharp knife and a chopping board. In olden times people did not have the efficient and fancy food processors available today in the supermarket. Therefore, they used knives to cut and grind meat and create delicious recipes. 

  • First, slice the meat at a 45-degree angle using a sharp knife. Instead of cutting the meat all the way down, try to slice the top layer so that it can be easily flipped. 
  • Now, repeat the same process of slicing after flipping the meat. This time one must slice the meat in the opposite direction of the first step. 
  • Now, it is time to chop the meat from the left to the right direction. Repeat the process several times until you get fine textured meat. 

With a Food Processor: Desperate times require desperate measures, right? So, if you are not good with knives and don’ have a meat grinder, you may try a food processor to grind the meat. The result might not be as satisfying as it would be with an actual meat grinder, but nevertheless, it is an option. Be sure to cut the meat into smaller pieces with your knife for a better result. 

Visit Your Local Butcher: If you do not have a food processor and are not comfortable using sharp knives, consider asking your butcher to grind the meat for you. A butcher may charge extra for the additional service provided, but he will be glad to do it. In addition, a butcher has expert knowledge about meat; therefore, no one will be better to ground the meat by hand than a butcher. 

Get a Meat Grinder: Frankly speaking, if you want to grind meat at home, there’s no better option than getting a meat grinder. A manual meat grinder can grind the meat to perfection according to your taste. There are adjustable attachments available with the grinder that let you decide the coarseness of the ground meat. The manual meat grinder is easy to use and easy to clean. A manual grinder does not require any electrical cords or batteries to operate. Out of all the options, you’ve read for grinding the meat, this one is probably the least time-consuming and the most effective option. 


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