We carry all the materials needed to build and maintain beautiful landscapes at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply at rock bottom prices. No matter if what you need is sand, flagstone, or dirt, we’ve got it. For all your DIY landscaping projects, from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial projects and everything in between, we have the best deals on high-quality landscaping materials. feliz cumpleaños translate: many happy returns (of the day)


The soil types available here are suited for many applications. The 50:50 and 70:30 blends are suitable for both plants and flowers, sod, or other lawns. We also supply various types of soil specially designed for growing and planting. For projects that require a more aesthetic result, we stock nutrient-rich compost for optimal growing conditions and screened topsoil. Whatever the application, Rock Pros Landscaping Supply can provide the soil you need.


For different purposes, water and sand are handled differently. PG&E utility sand is primarily used to fill spaces and as a general filler material. Mason sand is white and fine in texture, making it perfect for volleyball courts and water entrances. A black stucco or plaster sand is the ideal choice for plaster and wall lath applications. No matter what kind of sand you need for your project, you will be able to find it at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply.


Rock Pros Landscaping Supply has a wide assortment of flagstones for your paving and decorative needs. Flagstones made of slate, sandstone, and quartzite are available in many colors and patterns. The flagstones we carry are perfect for a wide range of landscaping projects. Whether you prefer natural, antique, or modern and abstract designs, we have the flagstone to match your vision.

No matter what kinds of landscaping materials you need, Rock Pros Landscaping Supply can assist you. Our competitive prices allow you to create beautiful landscaping at a fraction of what competitors charge. From sand to flagstone to soil, we have everything you need to ensure your project progresses smoothly. Please browse our online product catalog for more information about how we can help you with your landscaping needs at an affordable price.


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