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Cook CPA Group in Roseville, California, is the only place to go if you be in need of a qualified accountant. Throughout the community, we provide financial planning services and tax preparation to hundreds of individuals and businesses. By offering competitive prices and offering common sense, uncommon service, we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

Individual Tax Services

We deliver our California CPA services in Roseville at the most affordable price. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual taxpayer, a head of household, or a joint taxpayer. You can count on us. In addition, we assist clients with compliance with offshore tax laws. You will maximize your tax savings if we allow you to take advantage of all available deductions and credits. By offering both competitive pricing and local service, we can reduce your tax preparation costs.

Business Tax Services

The management of business tax returns can be challenging. We provide CA CPA who can assist you in reducing your company’s tax burden with strategic tax planning. Our tax team also advises partnerships on tax efficiency so they can maximize their tax benefits. Cook CPA Group can help you stay on top of your liabilities while increasing profits — regardless of the way your business is organized.


Tax laws that are complicated require the assistance of a CPA in audits.  We often find issues in our audits that other auditors fail to spot. We examine companies with needs that require them to employ a corporate auditor in audits. Auditors can conduct audits that are tailored to the needs of banks and investors. We have highly trained accountants that can assist businesses with their financial audit requirements, whether the IRS or a business seeks to conduct regular financial audits. 

Your accountant needs to be someone from the Roseville community. Not only can we assist individuals with their audits, but we are also proficient in assisting private individuals as well as small businesses with their tax preparations. To set up an appointment with a Cook CPA Group representative, contact us today.